6/23/18: Redemption Radio

Greetings to you from Redemption Radio. Our ministry has shared God’s truth for many years to thousands throughout Honduras and other Central American countries. When facing challenges as a ministry, we turn to God for help. Although not customary for us to share trials and difficulties with our supporters, we feel convicted to share a recent crisis with you.

It began when our Nautel radio transmitter required repair. The manufacturing company sent us an engineer who retrieved the damaged parts, but did not return
them. After numerous failed attempts to reach him, we were finally notified that he would be unable to solve our problem, and that the one person in the entire
company familiar with our type of transmitter was on the verge of retirement.

Our aging transmitter was among the first manufactured by Nautel. I was told that even if it could be successfully repaired, they could offer no guarantee
that something else would not go wrong again in a few months.

I discussed our options with the company. What if we purchased a new transmitter? The company representative agreed to give me more information. He also mentioned that new transmitters have a 4-year warranty and are cheaper to operate because they are energy savers. Parts are less expensive, and easy to operate. The repairs needed for new transmitters could easily be done by someone with a basic knowledge of electronics. My husband Jorge is very knowledgeable when it comes to construction and electronics, and he could do all repairs needed, but he would be advised to attend a 2-day class in Canada to learn how best to operate and maintain it.

We have been through much expense and frustration over the years because we depended on technicians who were unfortunately dishonest, taking our money
without giving us solutions. The possibility for us to do our own maintenance work thrills me. We are hoping to buy a 5-kilowatt transmitter to get Redemption
Radio back on the air. It will cost us $36,320 at a discounted price. Considering instruction and installation expenses, we are aiming to raise $55,000. If the transmitter is not installed by the end of December, we will be at risk for having our license canceled. I believe that this is an investment we need; an investment God needs. We need your help to continue operating Redemption Radio.

Ministry friends, the expense is overwhelming, but we must continue broadcasting God’s truth to all parts of the earth. Time is short, and God is soon to come. We thank you very much for whatever God places on your heart to give. Please keep our need in prayer and spread awareness of this project to others. Pray also that several properties we have for sale will sell. If they do, we will be able to contribute more to this precious project. May our Lord always bless and
guide you in all things.

Update: During seven months of fundraising, God moved upon hearts to make this work move forward. The funds for our transmitter have been miraculously provided. We praise our God from whom all blessings flow! We thank each one of you who have supported us with prayers and donations.

Location: Honduras

Author: Teresa Jimenez Teresa and her family are operating Redemption Radio in Honduras.

Thank You! Because of your generous support, Mission Projects International was able to send $7,500 for this urgent need.

How You Can Help
for the people in Honduras who are listening to the Redemption Radio programs.

Donate. Funds are still needed for ongoing expenses to run the radio station. If you would like to give to this worthy cause, please mark your donations “Redemption Radio,” and send it to:

Mission Projects International
PO Box 506
Republic, WA 99166-0506

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