10/28/2017: Seeing the Light

Seeing the Light

A woman finds freedom and happiness in God after 30 years of addictions.

I will never forget the day I received the text message: “I have not drunk a drop of alcohol nor smoked since the meetings. God is good! I do crave, but it’s wiped out when I focus my mind on His greatness. I see the light!”

My eyes filled with grateful tears. The Lord had answered my prayers.

All my life I’ve watched my Aunty Helen struggle with various addictions and world views. When I first became a Christian, she warned me against organized religion. She would say, “To each his own.” She viewed everything, including morality, as relative to one’s own personal experience. Of all my family members, she seemed the hardest to reach.

Fast forward 16 years. There she was, sitting in the pew at our “Revelation of Hope” Bible prophecy seminar in Aiea, Hawaii. Aunty Helen came every night with an open mind and a searching heart, having finally admitted that she longed for something better than the slavery, confusion and brokenness of bad habits, unhealthy relationships and worldly philosophies. At the prophecy seminar she received satisfying answers to life’s questions. She accepted the Bible as absolute truth. Most of all, she had an encounter with the love of Jesus Christ. In her own words,

“For a large portion of my life, I was depressed. I was often in trouble, had many relationship conflicts and was never comfortable in my skin.”

“My journey with God began two years ago when I found myself restless. With alcohol in one hand and cigarettes in the other, I began pondering, What is the purpose of my life? My addictions had consumed 30 years. I had engaged in many risqué behaviors, relationships and mind-altering substances hoping to find love, acceptance, and self-discovery; yet the satisfaction had burned out long ago.

“Then I attended the Revelation of Hope seminar. What I heard moved my heart. Christ’s sacrifice was not new to me. I had grown up Christian, so I knew about Jesus dying on the cross. Yet this time Christ’s experience became relatable. I had recently invested in a real estate program that was not making money. I realized Jesus had made an investment when He died on the cross. I felt for Him, so I prayed and made a deal. If He helped me quit smoking and drinking, I would become a worthwhile return.

“It’s been a year and a half since I drank or smoked. The more I learn about Him, the more I want to invest. The love that I looked for in all those relationships, I found in Him. When I feel rejected, abandoned or lonely I look to Jesus Christ in prayer. His words uplift me and make me feel whole. In my trouble, I can access His love and grace to carry me out of depression. Because of these experiences, it became easy to choose to be baptized and dedicate my life to Him!”

April 1, 2017, I had the great honor of baptizing my Aunty Helen at my favorite Hawaiian beach. Her new life is a testimony to the power of God and the perseverance of prayer. Every time we talk about Jesus, tears flow from her eyes. She has found a love that has liberated her from physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bondage.

Today, my aunt’s passion is to help her family and friends to see the light as she has. I know God will bless her efforts, for in witnessing her transformation, I have seen the light clearer than ever before!


Taj Pacleb

Taj Pacleb is an evangelist and revivalist and the speaker/co-director of Revelation of Hope Ministries. www.revelationofhopeministries.com



Pray. Pray for others like Helen Pacleb, still trapped in addictions, that they too will see the light.

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