10/14/2017: Mission to Sweden

Mission to Sweden

One believer hands out up to 1,300 copies of The Great Controversy per year to interested people in secular Sweden.

“The Great Controversy… I am more anxious to see a wide circulation for this book than for any others I have written; for in The Great Controversy, the last message of warning to the world is given more distinctly than in any of my other books.” Colporteur Ministry, 127.

Several years ago, while on business in Malmö, Sweden, my friend Ingvar and I decided to approach people in the streets to offer a free copy of The Great Controversy to anyone who was genuinely interested. Almost immediately, we met a woman who had been looking for the truth. She acted so happy to receive the book that you might have thought she had won the lottery! Both Ingvar and I considered this woman’s reaction a calling from God to continue distributing The Great Controversy. Together we made three trips to Malmö, where in just nine days, by the grace of God we handed out about 370 books to interested individuals. One gentleman read half the book in one day and came looking for us on the street to give us a bear hug for his thankfulness!

Afterwards, Ingvar and I traveled to Örebro, where equal blessings awaited us. For example, I encountered a young man who just the day before had finished reading the New Testament and was wondering what to do next. He accepted The Great Controversy as a gift from God! Later, we went to Stockholm, and God prepared hearts in this secular city. We made three joint missionary trips to Stockholm before Ingvar died unexpectedly of cancer; and since then I have returned four times. In total, we passed out about 1,200 copies in Stockholm.

As I have traveled about Sweden, I have met many Christians from various denominations who have beamed like the sun when offered The Great Controversy. I have sometimes stood outside churches, trying to reach the people streaming out. Even church leaders have accepted the book with interest. God has shown again and again that He will send attentive souls into my path.

In my efforts, I have found one category of people that are more interested in the book than others: young people 17–20 years old. It all started in Kinna, in the Municipality of Mark, where I first tried handing out The Great Controversy near the upper secondary school.

I discovered that interest near the school was about three times greater than in the common streets and squares in the same municipality. That’s when I decided to start systematically working the upper secondary schools in my country.

Placing myself near the exit at the end of the school day, I watch for students gathering to chat. Then I approach them and ask: “Would you like my favorite book for nothing?” To my surprise, I have generally found that students are not ashamed of showing an interest in religion in front of their friends. Sometimes those who have received the book will show it to others, who then come asking for a copy themselves! I would never have dreamed I would be able to distribute so many books to students and teachers—sometimes 60 per school. I have even learned that some of my books have been read and passed on to the school library!

Because God sends the right individuals to me, in just one year I can sometimes distribute 1,300 copies of The Great Controversy in Sweden. I thank God heartily for this, and for the blessing of proclaiming our message in liberty. Let us make good use of our freedom!



Lennart Wiberg

Brother Wiberg has been distributing The Great Controversy on the streets of Sweden since 2008. lennartwiberg@tele2.se



Brother Wiberg’s tips on presenting The Great Controversy:

1.  It is easier to strike up conversation with people waiting for a bus or a streetlight than those jogging down the street.

2.  Ask people if they would like a copy of one of your favorite books for free. Immediately add: “That is, if you are interested in its contents.”

3.  If they show interest, tell them that the book is a summary of the history of Christendom from the apostles up to the Bible prophecies concerning the end of time. Read them several intriguing chapter titles.

4.  Ask whether they are interested in the Bible or its prophecies.

5.  If the person is keen on spiritual things, but doesn’t want to read a book of 600+ pages, offer a shorter book with a Bible study card inside.

  • Be open to God’s leading at all times!

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