06/24/2017: Yvonne’s News

Yvonne’s News

A new Christian attempts to convince her mother not to go to a psychic to learn the future.



I have something to tell you.” Yvonne’s eyes sparkled. “My mum wanted to go and see a psychic to ask about my future. I told her not to do it, but she would not listen.” She shook her head. “Off she went on her electric bike to see the psychic.

“On her way there, the bike refused to work anymore,” Yvonne continued. “Mum turned to go home. But after she turned around, the bike started working again, so she turned to go back to the psychic after all. The bike refused to work again! Then she figured she’d better end her effort and go shopping. The whole time she was shopping and all way home the bike worked.” Yvonne grinned. “I think God did that, don’t you?” I could only agree that it sounded like a miracle of God’s working!

We continue our studies and visits with Yvonne, a young woman we met through a literature campaign on the streets of Melbourne, Australia. Yvonne has started attending the Seventh-day Adventist Church at times, since she now believes the Sabbath is the true day of rest. I originally brought Yvonne to a church outside her suburb, but she has repeatedly told me of her desire to visit the Seventh-day Adventist Church closest to her home. At length, my friend Sarah and I went there to join her. We found the people welcoming and friendly, but also rather liberal in regard to dress and adornment as well as the health message.

Despite all of that, God blessed so much. The speaker that day was a more conservative brother who gave a perfectly timed message about “judging.” He explained how, while we should not keep each other under the magnifying glass, it is right to give caring counsel and in a Christlike way help people to see things in their lives that are not in harmony with God’s principles. Yvonne told me after the sermon that she had been thinking about that very topic during the week, and that the sermon had answered her question!

I thank God so much for the impression left by this man and his sermon. The preacher and his wife are members of Yvonne’s local church and told me that they will have an eye out for her. I also plan to take Yvonne to visit one of the Gateway Adventist Centers, a network of more conservative congregations based at different university campuses throughout the Melbourne metropolitan area.

Besides our personal Bible studies and church visits, I have also given Yvonne a set of DVDs from an evangelistic series—the same set that has benefited another of my study contacts very much. I pray that it will help Yvonne to grow in her understanding of Scripture, as well.

Not only is Yvonne eager to know God for herself, but she wants her friends to know Him too. Recently she sent me another set of encouraging text messages. “Good news: My friend who lives in the United States has started to believe in God, and I find she has changed a lot. She also has a Bible teacher. I met her a long time ago when we were in university, and back then she was a bad girl. Praise God—He loves her too! Now we can share our experiences about God with each other. We are so exited! I am so glad to see how much she has changed after she started to believe in God! I am so happy for her!”

Please keep Yvonne and her spiritual progress in your prayers!


Stine Gro Struksnæs
Sister Stine is the Bible 
worker for Highwood Health Retreat in Australia. stine@highwoodhealth.org




You Can, Too!

Do you have a friend who is open to God and His truth? Be a real friend!

Offer to study the Bible with them.
Invite them to worship with you, or offer to visit their local congregation with them.
Keep in touch as you would with other friends. Be there for them as individuals.
Listen to what they have to share about their walk with God. Share your own experiences, too!

Above all, pray for them often! Say, “Thou hast promised, ‘Ask, and ye shall receive.’ I must have this soul converted to Jesus Christ.” Medical Ministry, 244. Ask others to pray as well.

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