06/03/2017: Dangers and Difficulties

Dangers and Difficulties

Difficulties should never be an excuse for ceasing to work for the Lord.

“It was the joy of Christ to save souls. Let this be your work and your joy. Perform all duties and make all sacrifices for Christ’s sake, and He will be your constant helper. Go straight forward where the voice of duty calls; let no seeming difficulties hinder you. Take up your God-given responsibilities. . . . Do the duty nearest you, and do it thoroughly and well, not coveting praise, but working for the Master because you belong to Him.” Southern Watchman, April 2, 1903.

The weather was not good that day, but as usual, I had asked God to give us strength to continue His work. We cannot avoid trials in the work of the Lord, because the enemy continually invents ways to keep people from listening to the Word. Still, whatever circumstances come, God gives us a way to overcome and persevere.

My wife and I had plans to preach in remote villages that rainy day. Although I worried about the slippery mud roads in the mountains, I didn’t let that stop us. We traveled without mishap most of the way. Then, as we came to a river we normally crossed with our motorcycle, we found our way blocked. The river had flooded!

First I phoned one of our brethren to help us. Then I told my wife we would need to cross on foot—the motorcycle simply could not ford the stream. My wife nearly panicked at the prospect of stepping into the flooded river, but I took her hands and helped her to the other side, praying all the while. Through God’s grace, we reached the dry land.

When our rescuer arrived, he and I plunged back into the river, retrieved the motorcycle, and carried it across on our shoulders. The rest of the journey seemed easy after that! When at last we reached our destination, we could testify that God protects His workers amidst scary and dangerous conditions.

Difficulties should never be an excuse for ceasing to work for the Lord. Difficulties are simply part of the job, whether hunger, thirst, slippery roads or flooded rivers. Even when fear clutches our hearts, we can be cheerful about God’s work because He is so good all the time.

Holding meetings in a remote village.

Through the difficulties I have encountered working here in Cotabato, God has always been with me. The Lord even gave us a formerly Muslim man who, after being converted as a Seventh-day Adventist, became our travel guide in different areas. By God’s help many souls have heard the truth, and the lost have found the way. People ask me to come back again and again so that they can hear more of God’s message of truth. These things bring me joy!

By God’s blessing, converts in three of the areas where we have been working have organized into new church fellowships, meeting in homes. I pray that merciful hearts will help these congregations erect church buildings. Each of the three groups needs 40,000 pesos (approximately $1,000) for the lot and building materials. Labor is free because the new converts will be happy to help build God’s house!

“Thus saith the Lord of hosts; . . . Go up to the mountain, and bring wood, and build the house; and I will take pleasure in it, and I will be glorified.” Haggai 1:7, 8. Will you help us glorify the Lord of hosts by building churches where believers can worship Him?


Temtem Piedraverde

Brother Temtem is an MPI-sponsored Bible worker in South Cotabato on Mindanao Island in the Philippines. temtempiedraverde@yahoo.com



How You Can Help

Pray for Temtem and the other gospel workers to persevere through the difficulties they face in God’s work.
Contribute to the new congregations’ church building projects by sending your donation to Mission Projects International marked “Philippines churches.”

Donate to the workers’ stipends by marking your gift “Philippines workers.”

Thank You
In 2016, you donated over $15,000 to support the gospel workers and build churches for needy congregations in the Philippines. Praise the Lord!

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