05/13/2017: Resurgence of Life

Resurgence of Life

New seasons bring changes in prison ministry—but the letters keep coming!

Springtime has come, bringing a resurgence of life to barren lands—a picture of the new life God brings to barren souls. Spring also promises summer to come, which in our prison ministry means something different from blissful sunny days. Each season has challenges, but summer is probably the hardest. Most of our student volunteers leave for summer break, and many other volunteers take vacations. The prisons sometimes go on lockdown for two weeks at a time, which cancels our services for the duration. Recreation yards inside the prisons stay open longer, and inmates who have stayed outside late are tired, sweaty and unmotivated to leave their bunks when our meetings are announced. Yet we still hold meetings, and the Lord still blesses us and those who come to seek Him.

Letters from prisoners don’t seem to slow down with the seasons. Inmates all over the United States somehow learn that they can receive a free, quality Bible with study helps by writing to us. Their requests are sometimes simple:

“Dear Bibles 4 Prisoners, Please send me one of your study Bibles. Thank you.” Others share life details, some ask for prayer and some even write to thank us. Here is one interesting testimony:

“Dear Friends,
“Thank you for the Bible and free books you sent me. They have been a tremendous blessing as I read and learn more of God’s truths. I am fairly new to the Seventh-day Adventist faith but have learned more in the last three years than the 30+ years I spent as a non-denominational Christian. I was raised Roman Catholic but I accepted the gospel as a teenager after attending a youth rally. I began attending church, but my relationship was shallow and I fell away a little at a time, still claiming to be a Christian. Eventually I was drinking and doing drugs, which landed me in prison.

“It was here, in prison, that I sought the Lord and finally started studying. I prayed for wisdom but no matter how much I studied, I couldn’t seem to glean anything until I came upon the Sabbath. It was like a light came on in my mind. I read everything the Bible said about the Sabbath and, contrary to what I was told by pastors and church leaders, I was convinced the Sabbath was Saturday.

“Shortly after this, two Seventh-day Adventist brothers here invited me to their service in the prison chapel, where they showed a video presentation. I was immediately convinced I was watching the truth, and that God had led me to the Seventh-day Adventist faith.

“Thank you for your ministry and for helping prisoners like me to learn the truths of God’s Word.” 

Like this prisoner, I too know from experience what it is to be incarcerated and find the Truth and the Life in prison. Since my conversion, many have urged me to write my autobiography, and last year my wife and I finally tackled the project. The title, If I Make My Bed in Hell, refers to Psalm 139:8 and my life experiences. The book recounts how God protected me during my incarceration, allowed me to witness for Him in miraculous ways and prepared me for the prison ministry I am doing today. As a testimony of God’s goodness, we believe it will be not only an inspiration but also a good witnessing tool.

Because of how God has changed my life, I know He can recreate each of the prisoners I am sharing with. Will you pray that Jesus will bring them new life, as He did for me?

Johny Carmouche

Brother Carmouche is a prison missionary who also provides quality Bibles free of charge to prisoners who ask. Bibles4prisoners@outlook.com



How You Can Help

Pray for the prisoners reached by this ministry to experience new life in Christ.

Donate for the purchase of Bibles at www.bibles4prisoners.com/donate or mail your check to Johny Carmouche, PO Box 972, Locust Grove, VA 22508.

Purchase Brother Carmouche’s autobiography through a link at www.Bibles4prisoners.com and share it with friends who may be struggling! Proceeds will be used to sustain Bibles 4 Prisoners.

Thank You
Donations from Mission Projects readers keep coming in! Without you none of these men and women would receive Bibles and spiritual support. You are appreciated!

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