Letter from Cody: USA Evangelism – March 2017

Sharing the Three Angels’ Messages in Stanardsville, Virginia

Looking around us today, I have no doubt that we are rapidly heading for the fulfillment of the final prophecies. Yet even as I see the events transpiring around us and recognize their place in prophecy, I fear that we may miss the main point of prophecy. Prophecy is given not just to predict the future, but to prepare us for the future. In the long-stretching prophecy of Daniel 11, we find a potent description of God’s people who endured the trying times of the dark ages. “But the people that do know their God shall be strong, and do exploits.” Daniel 11:32. In the very midst of medieval darkness, prophecy points out a people who knew their God!

This is the real reason for prophecy—so that we too can know our God. I don’t want merely to know about prophecy; I want to know the God of prophecy! The greatest knowledge in this world is knowing our God, who is everything to us. “The greatest wisdom, and most essential, is the knowledge of God. Self sinks into insignificance as it contemplates God and Jesus Christ whom He hath sent.” Fundamentals of Christian Education, 451. Knowing God is so important to us that we should be constantly studying His character. “The knowledge of God is the essential education, and this knowledge every true worker will make it his constant study to obtain.” Counsels to Parents, Teachers and Students, 510. “The knowledge of God as revealed in Christ is the knowledge that all who are saved must have. This is the knowledge that works transformation of character. Received into the life, it will re-create the soul in the image of Christ. This is the knowledge that God invites His children to receive, beside which all else is vanity and nothingness.” Acts of the Apostles, 475. May we be among the prophetic group of people “that do know their God”!

We have just finished a very busy month of sharing God’s beautiful message from prophecy with some of the rural communities in Virginia. It is always wonderful to see men and women hungry for the messages of truth that we hold so dear. While it was not a large crowd, the Lord brought out those who were seeking for a deeper knowledge of Him. One lady was the pastor of a small congregation, but she took time out of her schedule to come and study prophecy with us. Although she struggled with the Sabbath truth and the Biblical understanding of what happens at death, she continued to study. Please pray for her as she wrestles with the truths that she has found. Another family invited many of their extended relatives to our studies, a number of whom began attending. Some nights it seemed that half of the congregation was made up of this one family! After we covered the antichrist and the change of the Sabbath, the family struggled to realize that their church of so many decades is pointed out in Bible prophecy as the antichrist power. Even though the messages challenged so many of their previously held beliefs, they kept coming and learning. Please pray for this family to be led into all truth as they continue studying the Bible.

During the series, we could see that the Lord was at work on hearts. Even some who were already church members shared that the fresh study of prophecy blessed them with a deeper recommitment to the Lord. Though the meetings are finished, we know that the Holy Spirit is continuing to bring the truth home to those who attended. Please pray for the people of Stanardsville who heard the messages from God’s Word that the Lord will continue to germinate and bring to fruition the seed planted. May we also be more determined to share the knowledge of our God with many others that they too may be a part of the people who “know their God.”

Yours in seeking & proclaiming the knowledge of God,

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