03/18/2017: Broken Speaker

Broken Speaker

A failed witnessing opportunity is redeemed.

Missing Keys

I’d only had the laptop for a couple of weeks. It was a brand new, professional machine made to handle intensive tasks such as video editing. Yet already, one of its speakers had developed a horrible buzz. Such an early hardware failure made me wonder if I should have purchased a different brand.

The computer did come with a warranty, so I telephoned technical support. After running through tests over the phone, the company decided to send a technician to my home to replace the broken speaker.

The day the technician arrived, he acted rather discouraged. I tried to think of something I could say to cheer him up, but Chris resisted my efforts at small talk. He seemed to prefer to work in silence.

You should give him some literature.

I can’t say I welcomed the thought. Hadn’t he made it clear that he didn’t want to talk? Besides, the company probably prohibited him from accepting gifts. It would be no use to offer!

Soon Chris had repaired the computer, and he asked me to test the new speaker just to make sure. The speakers sounded lovely, but I noticed two buttons missing from the keyboard. I felt bad pointing it out, but I did need those keys.
Chris hung his head. “I’m sorry. I must have popped those off.” He went to work again.

You should give him some literature, the thought came stronger. Then my neighbor came for a visit, and by the time she left Chris had given up trying to put the keys back on. “I can’t do it, even with tweezers,” he said. “I’ll have to order a new keyboard. They’ll send someone out to replace it on Monday. It might 
be me.” Apologizing again, he made his retreat.

Why didn’t you give him literature? Now I felt really guilty. How often did strangers visit my home, and who else would share Christ with this man?

“I’m sorry, Lord,” I confessed in prayer. “I know I let You down. If You send the same technician back on Monday, I’ll give him some literature.”

Monday morning, I reaffirmed my promise in prayer. Sure enough, halfway through the day Chris showed up at my door—in much better spirits than on Friday. The keyboard replacement went quickly, and all the time I knew what I needed to do. Still, I felt timid.

What will you say to Jesus? a still, small voice whispered. 
“Jesus, I know You died for this man, but I’m shy, and I don’t really like giving out literature.” What a preposterous thought! “OK, Jesus,” I prayed silently. “I’ll give him Steps to Christ. But help me! Give me courage.”

Chris finished his task and asked if I had any questions. 
“No,” I said. “Thank you. But hey . . .” He looked up from his briefcase, expectant.

“I work for a mission organization, and I feel really impressed to give this to you.” I handed him a copy of Steps to Christ. “It’s a little book about how to know Jesus. It has really blessed my life.”

For the first time, Chris gave me a real smile. “Thank you! I appreciate that.” Packing up, he turned to the door. “Have a nice day!”
Sweet peace filled my heart. The Holy Spirit had known all along that Chris had a searching soul. Maybe He had sent angels to break my speaker! Then, when I needed the extra encouragement, He sent them again to break my keyboard.

I guess I won’t know for sure until I get to Heaven. I’m praying, though, that I’ll meet Chris there—and together we can thank Jesus for loving us both enough to use a broken computer to get through to me!

Cheyenne Reiswig

Cheyenne Reiswig works from
home as the office manager for
Mission Projects International, she takes care of all the shipping labels.