02/25/2017: To Every Mountain and Village

To Every Mountain and Village

Five families begin holding Sabbath services as a result of one couple’s desire to share.

It all started when the Lord placed a burden on the hearts of Sister Dolores and her husband Orlando. Dolores had been raised in the faraway village of San Manuel, and she wanted her friends and loved ones to hear the present-truth message she had come to hold dear. She approached the church about her desire, and a little over a year ago the youth began visiting San Manuel to offer blood pressure checks, pray for the sick and organize Vacation Bible Schools and other children’s activities.

Administering wound careFinding the people very open, the La Zona Church sent Brother Douglas Bravo to conduct an evangelistic meeting in the old school building, with several church members going along for support. God gave success! More people attended than we expected, and the community invited us to come back. Now, different church members go every week to share in this beautiful mountain village. We provide health education, natural remedies, baking classes and basic treatments such as wound care. Before launching into Bible study, we always include a five- to ten-minute health capsule, and the people seem to really enjoy the information. They tell us that our teaching is different from what they hear at the local Catholic and Evangelical churches. They say they had never been taught the importance of taking care of their health. As a result of our efforts, five families are receiving Bible studies and holding Sabbath services at the little schoolhouse. Some have mentioned their desire to be baptized!

It’s a wonderful experience to see people accept the gospel of Jesus—to see people’s hearts being touched by the love of God. We go to share the peace, hope and love of Jesus, but we receive so much more in seeing the villagers’ eagerness to learn about this last-hour message.

Bible studentWe hope and pray that we can send a full-time Bible worker to San Manuel both to teach the people and to train a leader from the local community who can help other souls prepare for Christ’s coming. When I meditate on the great need in San Manuel, tears flow from my eyes because these sheep have no shepherd. Until now, they have never been taught about God’s everlasting love. As we share with them, we also plead with God to cause His Holy Spirit to impress their hearts to surrender to our Savior. We know God hears our petitions, because rain or shine people always come out and listen as we share Bible truth. We present the simple gospel truths without criticizing their engraved beliefs. We just want to let people experience Christ’s love as we share of ourselves, our means, our time, our resources and our talents.

Our hearts have been touched by the great need in San Manuel. They have churches, they have religion, but they lack a personal relationship with a personal God. They lack the knowledge of the Scriptures, the power of God’s Word. We want to help them connect and commune with God so they can obtain Christ’s character and prepare for His coming. May God give us more faith to share the present truth 
in every mountain and village within our reach.




Gerbert Hernandez

Brother Hernandez is a
volunteer at Maranatha Medical
Ministries in Honduras.


Pray for the village of San Manuel. Join the La Zona Church in petitioning for a full-time Bible worker to be sent to this village to teach the people and train up a leader for them.

Donate. To support the work in Honduras, send your donation to:

Maranatha Medical
Ministries, PO Box 390,
Keysville, VA 23947.

If you would like your donation to support the work in San Manuel, please send a note indicating your desire.