02/11/2017: Seeker on the Street

Seeker on the Street

In a time of need, Yvonne finds the truth on the streets of Melbourne, Australia.

Last January, we held a literature campaign in Melbourne, Australia. A number of old and young went out on the streets passing out truth-filled books and maga-zines and talking to people in the busy thoroughfares. Two of our team members met Yvonne, a young Chinese lady.


In a time of need, Yvonne finds the truth on the streets of Melbourne, Australia.

Before coming to Melbourne, Yvonne had lived in another part of Australia where she had been visited by Jehovah’s Witnesses. They had given her Bible studies in her home and invited her to their church. Now that she had moved to Melbourne, however, the Jehovah’s Witnesses had not pursued contact with her. She felt a void in her life, as she had really enjoyed the Bible studies and the church visits. Praise God—He allowed us to reach her first! I am sure He sent her out in the street that day to meet our team. As they talked, Yvonne requested a free Ministry of Healing and a Bible.

Some weeks after the encounter, my friend Lorna and I went to visit Yvonne to make sure she had received the books and to offer her personal Bible studies. We found her ready, open and eager! On the first visit, she asked if she could get baptized. After a few studies, Lorna invited Yvonne to visit her home and attend her local church. When a church member asked how she liked her studies with us, Yvonne said, “I want to be baptized, but we need to go through the studies first!”

It’s so nice to study with Yvonne. Already, we have been able to address deep topics such as the Sabbath, God’s Law and the state of the dead. Yvonne has resigned from her former job and is looking for a new one, so of course I have encouraged her to take God’s holy day off work so she can have the special blessing of fellowship with Him.

Lorna, Stine and Yvonne (far right) with friends at the Melbourne Asian church

Lorna, Stine and Yvonne (far right) with friends at the Melbourne Asian Church.

One day after studying the state of the dead with Yvonne, I paused to eat lunch in my car outside her house. I had not even left the area before her messages started reaching me:

“Dear Stine, thank you for your teaching. That was very interesting and helpful. Love 
to you.”

A few minutes later: “In Luke chapter 16, verse 23 it says: ‘And in hell he lift up his eyes, being in torments, and seeth Abraham afar off and Lazarus in his bosom.’ . . . Did God torment him in hell?”

I sent her a couple of links to helpful articles by Amazing Facts, and she replied: “Thank you so much, let me have a look.” Two minutes later, another message came: “Is it not right to wear the cross on a necklace 
like an image?”

By this time I was about to drive home, so I told her I would get back to her later. It’s been so interesting to meet a person who is so eager, so full of valuable questions and so open for answers!

A few weeks ago Lorna and I took Yvonne to the Melbourne Asian Church to introduce her to our Chinese friend there who is active in ministry. Our church friend invited Yvonne to an afternoon program, and she accepted. Last time Lorna and I visited her she told us some of the new things she had been learning. Our Chinese church friend is happy to help with the follow up, and we are looking forward to seeing how God will continue to work with this precious soul. Keep her in your prayers!

StineAuthor: Stine Gro Struksnaes

Sister Struksnaes is the Bible
worker for Highwood
Health Retreat in Australia.