02/04/2017: Hope in Turmoil

Hope in Turmoil

Leaders at SETI, an evangelism training center in Brazil, take courage 
amid political and financial upheaval.

Have you heard what’s going on in Brazil? Over the last few years, many political scandals have surfaced, and recently, the president was impeached. Economic turmoil has also reached a climax. Yet one crisis is greater than corruption and economic failure: the emptiness of soul that only God can satisfy. In the midst of the turmoil, Izael Santos Moreira, a 2015 Santo’s Evangelistic Training Institute (SETI) graduate, found a vast field to work for Jesus.

SETI Bible evangelism students 2016

SETI Bible evangelism students, 2016.

In April 2016, Izael received a call to serve as a Bible worker in Pereiras, a small town in São Paulo State. He began home Bible studies in the community and soon opened a small group study with 15 people. Izael also used his knowledge of health ministry when he learned that one of his contacts, Mr. Isaias, had serious health problems that interfered with his ability to understand the Bible. Izael helped him regain his health by putting him through a detox program, exercising with him and teaching him how to eat healthfully, often sharing his own homemade bread with him. As Mr. Isaias began to feel healthier, his heart opened to the gospel.

Izael says, “Blessed be the name of God for SETI! This institution has made a difference in the lives of youth and young adults by helping us prepare ourselves to preach the everlasting gospel in a practical and relevant way.”
As last August’s Olympic games enthralled Brazil and much of the world, a group of dedicated young people arrived at SETI to receive thorough missionary training. Ana Paula Duarte, 28 years old, had wanted to come to SETI for some time. She shares, “My experience at SETI has surpassed my expectations. In the classroom we have been deeply studying the Bible, and just being here has already made amazing changes in my life.

“With lifestyle changes including eating a vegetarian diet and having a set time for waking, eating and sleeping, I feel improvements in my health. My mind is clearer, so I can absorb the classroom teachings more deeply. My favorite work assignment is on the farm. I’ve learned so much by being outside, working the land.

Ana Paula digging holes to plant guava trees.

Ana Paula digging holes to plant guava trees.

“My goal when I leave is to share the everlasting gospel. I am praying that the Lord opens a way for me to continue my studies and become a medical missionary. Certainly, SETI was an instrument in God’s hands to make me realize the importance of true education.” Testimonies like this encourage the team here to keep up the Lord’s work!

The national financial crisis has increased the need to strengthen SETI’s industries—both to help the school support itself and to improve the education students receive in agriculture and manual labor. A vineyard has already been planted and students and staff are working together to establish an avocado and guava plantation so that we can begin to market these fruits. Moving forward in faith that God will bring in the funds to purchase the plants, fertilizer, and irrigation system, workers have been digging holes for the trees and excavating a pond to use as a water supply for the orchard and vineyard during the dry season.

Despite the national crises, we have hope! We see our students implementing the lessons they learned here, and we want to continue making a difference. We want to finish the work! We want to help prepare as many youth as we can to live the life God has planned for us—both here and in the life to come.

Silveli TeodoroAuthor: Silveli Teodoro

Sister Teodoro works as the
academic secretary at Santo’s
Evangelistic Training Institute
in Brazil. secretaria@iceves.org