Ecuador: Laurie Orellana – April 2016


Pra del tor was miraculously preserved in the earthquake that occurred this past Sabbath evening. It is more than amazing to us to have lost only a flower vase, when the rest of our province has been devastated, and people are dying every minute for lack of food, water, medical help, and shelter. The Lord hasn’t bestowed such great blessings on us for us to put our light under a bushel and do nothing in this time of crisis. The young people training at Pra del Tor are on the move! We are leaving this afternoon or early tomorrow morning for the worst affected sites of devastation. My son is inventing a portable shower, we are taking generator to provide a charging station for cellphones, and we are taking gallons of drinking water and a filtration system. What we you see on the news isn’t half of what has happened. In Calceta, a city about 1 hour from us, 100 houses have collapsed, and people are still missing. All banks in this province are closed and people can’t even get money from any ATM. They have no way to pay for food or basic needs. A relative of a friend of ours died holding her three little grandchildren in her arms as her 2-story house collapsed on top of her. They still haven’t been able to get her out.

I don’t have more time to write details, but the conditions are horrible and God’s people need to lift up His name in this darkness. Please consider helping to provide for the Ecuadorian people here in our province of Manabí. Monetary means are the only way to help right now. We are going to buy canned goods, beans, and rice, and we are taking hundreds of stocks of plantains and bananas from our farm to share with the victims and their families. Any donations will be greatly appreciated, and those that can’t donate can lift us up in special prayer during this time of tragedy! Please pray for our protection and that we can let our light shine so that people will glorify our Father in Heaven!

In Christian service,
The Orellana family and troops in Pra Del Tor, Manabí, Ecuador

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