Dominican Republic: Nelly Severino – March 2016

The Lord is continuing to work in the Dominican! Early in March, our SDA university held a region-wide evangelistic campaign conducted by various pastoral major students. One of the students, a native from Mexico, led out in a week-long series of meetings hosted in the community where our ministry project operates. This evangelistic effort brought six lovely souls into the Lord’s fold! Two of the new converts were Haitians whom we’ve been working with for the last three years. In fact, one of them is a lady I had requested prayers for, whose common-law husband opposed baptism for her and his daughter. She has now taken a determined stand to follow Christ! Thank you for praying.

We continue to hold Sabbath afternoon group Bible studies, and the Lord has been increasing the number of attendees. Our group now includes a former SDA who has relocated to our area. Also joining us is the common-law husband of a lady who has been attending our church for the past year and a half. This man has been generously allowing us to meet under the tin roof of his front porch, and we’re truly glad he’s decided to join our studies. As a result of the studies, two young women now want to get baptized! Please keep them in your prayers.

Our local pastor will soon be making contact with a Creole-speaking student at the university who can help us to conduct evangelistic meetings in the Creole language in the near future. In the meantime, the pastor has given me full moral and spiritual support to continue to lead out in the work with the Haitians here. Please pray for the Holy Spirit to continue to use us to reach out to this needy community!


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