Letter from Cody: Brazil – Nov. 2015

Jesus asked a very penetrating question, “When the Son of man cometh, shall he find faith on the earth?” Luke 18:8. This is serious question for us to ponder. Jesus saw that true faith would almost become extinct just before his return—at the very time that we need more faith than ever before! Tragically, even among God’s people, there is not the level of faith that God is calling for. Do we have the faith that we need that will prepare us for the days ahead? “The touch of faith opens to us the divine treasure house of power and wisdom; and thus, through instruments of clay, God accomplishes the wonders of His grace. This living faith is our great need today.” God’s Amazing Grace, 254. Our great need today, is not more plans, more projects, more money, more facilities—as good as all of those may be. Our great need today is a living, growing faith. “We need more faith. Only by a constant exercise of intelligent faith, a faith that grows continually, can we properly develop in Christian experience.” Review and Herald, Dec. 16, 1909. How can we have this growing, developing faith? By trusting him in every experience of life! “Faith is trusting God—believing that He loves us and knows best what is for our good. Thus, instead of our own, it leads us to choose His way. In place of our ignorance, it accepts His wisdom; in place of our weakness, His strength; in place of our sinfulness, His righteousness.” Education, 253. Trusting God in every emergency. Taking the promises of God, claiming them, believing them, trusting the One who stands behind everyone of them, this is faith! This is the faith that God is calling us to in the days in which we live. Is this the faith that is growing more in your life every day? May God allow us to go through the experiences today that will prepare us to have a faith that will not fail during that time of great trial that is coming upon all the world. May we those among whom Jesus finds true faith!

Nildomar sharing a message in the church where he now serves as an elder.

One place that the Lord is finding faith in these times is within and around the metropolis of São Paulo, the largest city in Brazil. Alexandre and Olimpia and their team have been broadcasting over a very popular evangelical radio station for many years, and new people are continually hearing the message of truth over the airwaves for the first time. With over twenty million within hearing of the airwaves, there are many more people still to be reached! One man whose faith has grown tremendously through listening to the broadcasts of “The Truth for the End Time” is Nildomar from Paraiba. He had been studying his Bible and had gone to several different churches, but the more he studied his Bible, the less satisfied he became with the teaching in the churches. In his search for truth, he came across those who were strongly anti-Adventist. He listened to them and picked up and repeated much of their attacks against Adventists. One Sunday afternoon, he and his brother came across the broadcast of “The Truth for the End Time.” Their study of Revelation intrigued Nildomar. He became a faithful listener every Sunday afternoon. While like Saul of old, he had been fighting against God’s message, but he was still honest in heart and praying for the Lord to guide him in all truth. After listening for a while, he called for a personal interview and to receive the additional study materials. Peace flowed into his soul as he surrendered his mistaken ideas and accepted the Biblical truths. Around this time, he remembered a friend who was a Seventh-day Adventists. Together he and his Adventist friend studied the Bible together until Nildomar became fully convinced that God had led him into His truth for these last days. Nildomar was baptized and now he is a leader in a small Adventist group in his hometown. He loves to share the message of truth he has found and desires to begin a radio program in his area because he knows the power of radio to bring men and women to a knowledge of our Savior and His truth for this time! Please pray for the work of Alexandre and his team as they continue to preach the message over the airwaves to the millions of within the São Paulo area. If you would like to help win more souls for the truth like Nildomar, you can mark your donation Brazil Radio.

Yours in a growing faith,

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