11/14/2015: Seeds of Truth

Seeds of Truth



Radio Redemption staff preparing for the evangelistic campaign.

In February, we started evangelistic work in the community of Belaire, in Honduras, where Redemption Radio is presently located. Brother Douglas Bravo has been doing Bible work, visiting people in their homes, sharing Bible studies, visiting the sick, giving health advice, and selling natural products. In May, we had an evangelistic series, entitled Prepare to Meet Thy God. It was a six-day series of preaching God’s Word and presenting health lectures. Many books were given away, including Bibles, The Great Controversy, and Steps to Christ. Many people from the community came to listen to God’s Word, and even though, at the end, none of them made a decision to become baptized, God’s Word was preached as a testimony for the whole community.

The following Sabbath, our Belaire church group had our first baptism and one more person expressed a desire to prepare for baptism. God’s Word has been planted in hearts and, in due time, it shall bear its fruit. After this campaign, regular meetings were scheduled for Sunday and Wednesday evenings so that truth will continue to shine in this community and so that there is an open door for all of those who want to seek our Lord.

Children listening intently to a message at the Taking Care of My Body series.

In previous years, we did a lot of child evangelism work. Many of the children that attended our Sabbath School regularly are now young people finishing high school. In their early years, God’s Word was planted in their hearts. However, Sabbath Schools were suspended for a period of time because we didn’t have enough teachers to fill the need, and although we did our best to keep them going, little by little, the children stopped attending. Our project this month, was to reopen children’s Sabbath Schools. With that in mind, we planned the children’s series Taking Care of My Body. This series continued for a week and we had very good attendance of children from the community. This raised our hopes! There was a lot of work to do that week as we prepared crafts, special fruit treats, and the program itself. When the closing day came, over 70 children received their attendance certificate.

Children graduating from the series. Most of the children that attended also enrolled in Sabbath School.

The next Sabbath, we started three Sabbath School classes, and we had good attendance of children and teenagers. Most of the children that attended the campaign also enrolled in Sabbath School. This enrollment process helps us to keep in touch with them and their parents, so that if a child doesn’t come to Sabbath School, we take the Sabbath School lesson to his or her home during the week and encourage them to attend. Our next project is to work with the parents, and for that purpose we have planned a special dinner with a program that will help the parents see the responsibility that God has placed upon them when He gave them their children. One problem we are facing is that the government has passed a law that all children will attend school on Saturday, and that is a challenge for the children that want to attend Sabbath School.

Many people from the community attending the meetings.

It’s been several months since we first visited the Youth Being Rescued Rehabilitation Center. It’s located in the Garífuna community of Corozal and their work helps young drug addicts. We met the director, Doña Vilma, there and she welcomed us cheerfully. In order to support themselves, those at the center work in different areas, such as selling bread, candies, home cleaning products, and more. As a donation from our ministry, we gave them several sets of sermons on CD so they could sell them at a low cost. Every month we also provide them with food. On one of our visits, I asked Doña Vilma about the Bible study program for the young people. She told me they didn’t have one. She belongs to an evangelical church and most of the young people only knew the evangelical church’s doctrine. I offered to visit them on Sunday mornings to study the Word of God with them. She was very happy and told us we can come every Sunday, if we want. And so, for over a month, we have been visiting and sharing God’s Word with them. We also give them health talks and Bible lessons to study during the week. Sometimes we play instructive videos for them. We thank the Lord for this great opportunity to share His Word with these young people and we ask for your prayers so that the Spirit of the Lord will work in their hearts.

“In the children who were brought in contact with Him, Jesus saw the men and women who should be heirs of His grace and subjects of His kingdom, and some of whom would become martyrs for His sake. He knew that these children would listen to Him and accept Him as their Redeemer far more readily than would grownup people, many of whom were the worldly-wise and hardhearted. In teaching, He came down to their level. He, the majesty of heaven, answered their questions and simplified His important lessons to meet their childish understanding. He planted in their minds the seeds of truth, which in afteryears would spring up and bear fruit unto eternal life.” Evangelism, 579.

Our ministry has several needs, including funds to purchase more materials for our child evangelism classes. Also, our ministry’s vehicle was severely damaged, so we had to make repairs to both the engine and the chassis. This cost us about $1,100 US. We thank you for your donations and for your continued prayers!


By Teresa Jiménez de Muñoz at Redemption Radio. hlmissionaries@yahoo.com. Donations may be sent to: Spanish Herald, PO Box 143, Dillard, OR 97432. Mark donations: “Radio station in Honduras.”

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