11/07/2015: Move Forward by Faith!

Move Forward by Faith!



Santo’s Evangelist Training Institute Property.

It is with great joy that we bring to your attention to this year’s activities at Santo’s Evangelistic Training Institute (SETI). Our team began the year at full steam. The course on health evangelism ran from January to May. Nine wonderful students attended this course, coming from different parts of Brazil. In the following lines, you will be able to get to know the students a little more and why they decided to come to SETI.

“I came to SETI to learn more about natural healing and also to have a spiritual growth, a more intimate relationship with God!” Amanda, 20, from Ceará.

“I came to SETI because I wanted to take a health course so I could help with missionary work. I loved how things were organized here, the vocational training and agriculture.” Ana Mirna, 19, from Espírito Santo.

“My purpose is to learn more of health in a way that my habits are transformed and, in so doing, be a positive influence to others.” Daniel, 31, from Minas Gerais.

Students in the health evangelism course.

“I came with the purpose of learning more about agriculture, natural remedies, and also natural treatments.”Danielson, 21, from Maranhão.

“My priority is to have a greater experience with God, to know Him better, and I have seen that this is what living in the countryside promotes. I also want to learn about God’s methods of healing and more of His word.” Débora, 19, from Ceará.

“I came with the intention of becoming a medical missionary worker; to know more about health and about the Bible so I can help other people in the missionary field.” Izael, 32, from São Paulo.

“I have plans of starting a natural spa where I can help people with their health issues through the teachings of health reform of our denomination; thus giving a strong testimony of the power of God.” Katiussia, 27, from Minas Gerais.

“I wanted to learn about true education. And also to have a better spiritual experience with God.” Rodrigo, 18, from Maranhão.

“I came to SETI because I wanted to learn more about healing through natural remedies before studying medicine. I also wanted to learn agriculture and have a better communion with God.” Taynara, 17, from Minas Gerais.

As you can see, all the students in this class were very interested in learning more about health, not only for their own benefit but also to help the people that will cross their paths as medical missionaries. We are certain that God has led all of them to be here and better prepare themselves to do His work.

“God wants His people to receive to impart. As impartial, unselfish witnesses, they are to give to others what the Lord has given them. And as you enter into this work, and by whatever means in your power seek to reach hearts, be sure to work in a way that will remove prejudice instead of creating it. Make the life of Christ your constant study, and labor as He did, following His example.” Welfare Ministry, 128.

These students learned this lesson of Jesus quickly and learned it well. They all shared the knowledge that God has given them. Every Saturday they went to the small community of Melgaço, 4 kilometers away from SETI, to visit people and give Bible studies.

Students teaching a cooking class at a health fair.

They researched the needs of the community, and based on this, came up with the idea of a health fair. God led in all the details and the health fair was held at the local school gym. Twenty-eight people attended and were able to learn about the Eight Laws of Health. In the end, they had a cooking class with two of our students thus learning how to make wholegrain bread and cookies and a delicious carrot spread. It was such a blessed event!

Our dear students continued their work with the community, organizing other lectures on health and keeping up with the Bible studies. In May, they graduated in Vitória, during one of our convocations. It is always so special to see these young people deciding to serve the Lord with the best they have—their skills, time, and, most of all, themselves.

After graduating, some of our students went back home to apply the knowledge acquired. Taynara went to São Paulo and started ministering at a local clinic with natural treatments. When she got there, she met a woman named Maria.* Maria had hepatitis and her tummy was very swollen. Treatments like clay poultices and hydrotherapy were applied every day, along with a specific plant-based diet.

Another project was a detoxification program. A group of ten people came to the clinic for this event. Although it was simple, including fresh vegetable juices, teas, massage, walking within nature, sauna, etc., she was constantly being reminded by the Holy Spirit about the information she learned in class at SETI.

Taynara was very excited to be able to help those people achieve their goals for healthy living. She said, “The course certainly was a good preparation for me to be able to accomplish all this. All the teachers and materials, even though it was a short period of time, had an indispensable place in my education as a medical missionary.”

Dormitory building in progress.

Another important aspect of our ministry, which is happening now, is the construction of a new dormitory. God has impressed in our hearts to improve and increase our space so we can accommodate more students. We decided, after much prayer, to give heed to His voice and began the construction of the new dormitory and workshops.

“In laying plans for building, we need the wisdom of God. We should not needlessly incur debt, but I would say that in every case all the money required to complete a building need not be in hand before the work is begun. We must often move forward by faith, working as expeditiously as possible. It is through a lack of faith that we fail of receiving the fulfillment of God’s promises. We must work and pray and believe. We are to move forward steadily and earnestly, trusting in the Lord, and saying, ‘We will not fail nor become discouraged.’” The Review and Herald, September 7, 1905.

The trials may come but we believe that our Father is leading the construction. On one occasion, Brother Giancarlo was talking to Daniel, our master builder, telling him that we might need to stop the construction for a while because our funds were low and we did not want to bring such a burden to him and his family. Daniel’s answer was so encouraging. He said, “Giancarlo, do not worry, this construction will not stop because it is of God and He will take care of it.” And the Lord sure does! Gradually, donations are coming. Of the $40,000 US needed for the building, $15,000 has already been raised. How can we not trust our heavenly Father? How can we not rest in Him, knowing that He will supply all the needs to accomplish His work?

Our sincere, strong, and deep desire is to hasten the preaching of the gospel, to be prepared and to help others be prepared for that great day. Brethren, “Dwell on present truth, on Christ’s second coming. The Lord is coming very soon. We have only a little while in which to present the truth for this time—the truth that is to convert souls.” Evangelism, 624.

We thank you for praying for our ministry. Your support is much appreciated.

By Silveli Teodoro, executive secretary for Santo’s Evangelistic Training Institute. secretaria@iceves.org.




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