10/10/2015: The Last Message of 

The Work of Restoration



Earlier this year, we introduced you to Pa Lee Loo, the Gominit village spirit doctor. Our Karen Bible students, while seeking an opportunity to share the light of Jesus, found him hopeless and dying in his bamboo home. His wife had given up caring for him and was basically just waiting for him to die. In the report, we made an appeal for you to pray and ask God for the miracle of transformation in his life. Today, I want to share an update about Pa Lee Loo.

Pa Lee Loo after first surgery.

After four months of care by our medical missionary students, we were able to send him to a hospital where the doctors successfully removed the tumor from his lower lip. Shortly after our family arrived in the States, to begin a 14,000 mile “Tour for Thailand” road trip, I received this email from Ying:

“Hello Steve, I hope that all of your family members are having a good time, as I prayed for your trip. We have a wonderful story about the man with lip cancer. We wanted to let you know that he has now accepted Christ as his personal Savior last week and gives his life into God’s will.” God has answered our united prayers!

Pastor Phamor and elders anointing Pa Lee Loo.

Pastor Phamor and a few church elders went to pray and anoint Pa Lee Loo and are now inviting you to continue to pray for the healing of this man and a spiritual transformation in his whole village. In our minds, God can use this ex-spirit doctor to show the whole village that there is a God in heaven who can bring true healing to the body and the soul.

We have a powerful year of Bible and medical missionary training planned for our 2015-16 students. Not only will the students be working in the village of Gominit where Pa Lee Loo lives, but they are visiting six other villages with the intent of letting God use them to reach the hearts of the people. In December 2015, student evangelists from America will join them in two of the villages to hold a two-week health and prophecy seminar.

Our Bible students will also get the opportunity to translate and produce tracts and other publications into the Karen language. They will plan and engage in many community health and evangelistic outreach activities and work to raise up companies of believers in these poor, dark secluded villages.

Ying finished her email to us with this appeal: “I believe God is calling us to this area. Right now we’re helping a lady with breast cancer. Somehow, she already threw away all of her idols two days ago and made a decision to follow Christ. The medical missionary work is a challenge for me and all of us here, we are thankful for our guest teachers. Please remember us in your prayers. God bless you all.”


2015 Bible Students.

We are so humbled and full of joy to be partnered with such dedicated workers whom God has been blessing long before we arrived. You have heard and seen how God is blessing the Karen Bible students and His work for the people of Asia. Why not become a partner with Leading to the Light to empower some of God’s chosen workers in Thailand and Myanmar?


Our most current need is to have the twenty students sponsored so we can continue to supply food, housing, and teachers while we develop agriculture and other self-supporting projects for the future. The cost of one student is $100 US per month. You can contact us or make an online investment in the Karen Bible School through Mission Projects International or at Leadingtothelight.org.

“’I was in prison, and ye came unto me.’ We shall have to give of our means to support laborers in the harvest field, and we shall rejoice in the sheaves gathered in. But while this is right, there is a work, as yet untouched, that must be done. The mission of Christ was to heal the sick, encourage the hopeless, bind up the brokenhearted. This work of restoration is to be carried on among the needy, suffering ones of humanity. God calls not only for your benevolence, but your cheerful countenance, your hopeful words, the grasp of your hand. Relieve some of God’s afflicted ones. Some are sick, and hope has departed. Bring back the sunlight to them. There are souls who have lost their courage; speak to them, pray for them. There are those who need the bread of life. Read to them from the Word of God. There is a soul sickness no balm can reach, no medicine heal. Pray for these, and bring them to Jesus Christ. And in all your work, Christ will be present to make impressions upon human hearts.” A Call to Medical Evangelism and Health Education, 23.


By Steve and Lynette Rawlings. rawlings@leadingtothelight.org, www.leadingtothelight.org

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