Letter from Cody: Philippines – June 2011

Mike with some who have accepted the Seventh-day Adventist message through the evangelistic series

As I have been studying recently the great blessing that God has given to us in the ministry of the heavenly angels, I have realized that we do not fully appreciate their earnest warfare for us. “We need to understand better than we do the mission of the angels. It would be well to remember that every true child of God has the co-operation of heavenly beings. Invisible armies of light and power attend the meek and lowly ones who believe and claim the promises of God.” Acts of the Apostles, 154. As we contemplate the precious gift of the ministry of holy angels, we also need to remember that we have a foe, as well. While we see it not, there is an invisible battle taking place over us and our homes every day, and we are yielding to be influenced by one of these two powers. If we make no effort to resist these enemies of righteousness, we will be surrounded by the miasma of unbelief, but if we choose to align ourselves with heaven, the forces of darkness are required to fall back in retreat! “Resist the devil and he will flee from you.” James 4:7. “Angels are constantly ascending and descending this ladder of shining brightness, bearing the prayers of the needy and distressed to the Father above, and bringing blessing and hope, courage and help, to the children of men. These angels of light create a heavenly atmosphere about the soul, lifting us toward the unseen and the eternal.” Ibid., 153. May we daily resist the devil that these messengers of light may strengthen, encourage and direct our minds heavenward!

Mike and Brother Aque, with the Baptist pastor

Pastor Mike Bauler has just returned from the Philippines, and the heavenly angels are definitely busy in there! While in the Philippines, Mike was able to hold two week-long evangelistic efforts and work with some of the faithful workers that you are helping to support there. Brother Titing is busy in his efforts to train young people to become workers for the Master in a primitive missionary training school in the mountains of the southern Philippines. Brother Nanding is always planning and executing another evangelistic campaign anywhere that he is called and the Lord leads in the southern island of Mindanao. These two brothers working together have been able to accomplish much for the Master by both training young people to go out into the harvest field and putting them to work preparing and following up in the evangelistic work. Another worker that Brother Nanding has joined with and whom the Lord is using is Brother Aque. The Lord is opening doors to share the Three Angels’ Message, not just in a public crusade, but in the heart of other churches. Through his labors and Brother Nanding’s evangelistic efforts, eight churches have left behind their previously held doctrines of men and idol worship to accept and follow the Three Angels’ Message! These churches are now keeping the Sabbath and teaching their newly discovered truths from the Bible. Praise the Lord that not just individuals but entire churches are taking a stand for present truth! Brother Aque is also involved with a group of pastors who form a task force to combat drug abuse among the youth. As Brother Aque has interacted with these other pastors, he has been given the opportunity to share testing truth for our time and has been invited by some to come and share in their individual churches. While Mike was in the area, he was able to present an evangelistic series right in the church of a Baptist pastor! Indeed the Lord was working to be able to share the message to “come out of Babylon” right in the midst of a church of Babylon! Please continue to pray for these faithful workers who are doing their part to hasten the coming of our Savior in the clouds of glory! If you would like to be a part of this exciting work, you can mark your donation “Philippine Evangelism” to continue to support these workers and their evangelistic efforts.

Baptist church evangelistic series was held in

In the Master’s service,





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