Ecuador: Orellana Family – June 2011

Help for Ecuador!

Today you could help provide a basic necessity for a poor family in Ecuador.

In the province we live in a very large percentage of the houses are made of bamboo or wood planks, and have no plumbing which means: no running water or toilets inside. They have to carry water in buckets from the nearest water source for washing or bathing. It is customary for the “bathroom” to be a hole in the ground, outside in a separate shack, which is usually a piece of plastic or gunny sack wrapped around 3 posts that are stuck in the ground, to give a little privacy. I’m sure I don’t have to go into details of how bad the smell and the flies are, you have imagination for that.

So here’s how you can help:

You can help provide a bathroom for one of these families! Our goal during this dry season (June- November) is to build as many of these bathrooms as possible.

What kind of bathroom? It will be a cement block structure with a tin roof of about 6′ x 3′ including a shower, toilet and sink with running water and a light. Very basic, but a real luxury for them. If you would like more info about it, feel free to email us.

What will it cost? Any amount will be appreciated and put towards the building materials. A donation of $200 will sponsor one of these complete bathrooms for a needy family. If you feel like being a sponsor today or just want to help support our project, please contact us to find out how to help.

We will happy to send pictures and keep you posted on the process of the project. Our email is: pradeltorec(at)gmail(d0t)com We also welcome any volunteers. God bless!

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