04/30/2011: Strengthening My Faith in Jesus Christ

Strengthening My Faith in Jesus Christ



As we partake in the work that God has entrusted to His commandment-keeping people, our relationship with Him deepens. This is one of the many evidences that His Word is alive and constantly at work to rebuild our faith that was lost as we have wandered far away from Him.

The Massage and Medical Class of Magdalena, Laguna, for the unconverted started October 21, 2010, with 14 students that came mostly from the lower class of the community. Our first topic was the history and origin of massage that dates back to 3,000 BC. Our aim was to let them clearly understand the difference between Christ’s appointed methods and spiritualism’s New Age movement that is being widely used, not only in the East, but also in most parts of the Western countries. We examined every advantage of physiological massage, hydrotherapy and herb treatments. We also examined the methods being incorporated by other religious entities in their healing rituals; but if we look closely, we discover that if we join in all their practices we will be bending and breaking God’s principles for a theory and practice that is based on the occult and mysticism.

Jeffrey (middle) demonstrates massage techniques.

We ended our training on November 24, 2010, with five individuals that qualified for graduation. As we held our last class, we had a discussion regarding their recent experiences with the methods that they are employing to help their patients. One of them is Mrs. Marites Torres (Tess), who will here relate her story:

“I remember in one of our discussions a theory about faith healing. Sir Jeff told us that evidently the many examples in the Bible, especially during the New Testament times in the ministry of Jesus, are proofs that our faith is the biggest factor that promotes for our speedy recovery.

“One day I receive a phone call from one of my clients who owns a mini motel at the highway. He told me that there was an emergency with his wife and asked me to go to their home immediately. As I reached their house, the husband eagerly told me what had happened. As they were busily buying food in the market, he left his wife for a while to check something in the nearby stall. Suddenly he heard his wife’s voice asking for help. He saw her doubled over and unable to stand straight because she thought that her bones in the lumbar region were locked. He asked a male bystander to help him carry her to their vehicle.

“As I inspected and interviewed her, I noticed that the couple trusted that I could relieve the pain from which the woman was suffering. In my mind, I really did not know exactly what to do. First, I asked the Lord in silent prayer to give me wisdom and understanding regarding this case. Then I applied light strokes, going moderately from the affected area to the whole surface of the back, followed by gentle short and long kneading strokes with my thumb pressing into the lumbar area. I continued whispering to the Lord for His healing providence in the situation. After a while, I asked the patient to bend her back repeatedly. She answered that there was still pain, but not as it was before. I felt that the Great Healer was at work, so I must double my prayer for a full recovery of the patient.”

As expected, because of God’s intervention, the patient received the cure Tess was asking from the Lord on behalf of the patient. With this experience, Tess’s faith grew closer to God and was a living testimony of the miracles God has wrought for those who put their trust in Him.

One of the massage classes.

This kind of testimony is what I needed because my faith was also strengthened. Back at the time when I was hired by the Education Department of Laguna to be their Massage Therapy Instructor, my prayer has been to employ my talents and skills for the cause of God. I asked the Lord that if it would be His will, He would let it be shown to me that this work would help the students to have a closer personal relationship with God. Asking this, I even told Him in my prayer that even a single testimony from my students would be enough. I say “Amen” to His guidance.

As the work continues, I have finished another massage medical training at the municipality of Pila, Laguna, with 20 unconverted students. It was composed mostly of parents who are waiting for their children the whole day at Pila Central Elementary School, with a few of out-of-school youth. The group was very cheerful and enthusiastic about learning new skills to be used as another source of income. Two of my students came from parents who are witch doctors in their community and another is a witch doctor. We did have a very lively discussion about spiritualism and introducing to them God’s appointed remedies. I continue to pray every day that I may not force them to see the truth, but influence them to willingly follow Christ’s example.

After our third meeting, I came to have a closer personal relationship with each one of the students. I continue to receive messages showing their gratitude for the training conducted. I praise God for all of them finishing the modules in addition of our own medical missionary topics.

“And Jesus said unto them, Because of your unbelief: for verily I say unto you, If ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed, ye shall say unto this mountain, Remove hence to yonder place; and it shall remove; and nothing shall be impossible unto you.” Matthew 17:20.


By Jeffrey Baluyot. Email: jeffreybaluyot@yahoo.com.