03/26/2011: Mountain Heights Missionary Training School Report

Mountain Heights Missionary Training School Report


Titing Palange.

“Ministry comprehends far more than preaching the word. It means training young men as Elijah trained Elisha, taking them from their ordinary duties, and giving them responsibilities to bear in God’s work—small responsibilities at first, and larger ones as they gain strength and experience.” Prophets and Kings, 222.

We would like to share with you the experiences of some of those who are now under training in the service of the Lord at Mountain Heights Missionary Training School in the southern Philippines.

Jayson Candilla

Jayson is a 19-year-old young man who is very powerful in giving Bible studies. He has good reasoning powers and has become a health reformer; and, by the grace of God, he is currently giving Bible studies, together with his classmates, as a part of practical training in saving souls for Christ.

His parents lived in Tipolohon and were members of the Tipolohon Church of Seventh-day Adventists under the leadership of Sister Inday Corpuz, one of the pioneers of the reformation movement here in the Philippines. In every trial that came to that church, he went on and strengthened his parents and the brethren by the words of God; and, by God’s grace, his parents and some of those brethren remained in the faith.

During his training period at Mountain Heights, he gained experience by assisting with the other youth in public crusades in Cabayugan, Laligan, Valencia City; Tipolohon, Claveria, Misamis Oriental; and Sinanguyan, Don Carlos, Bukidnon. These public crusades were headed by Brother Dexter and Brother Cape (Mission Projects International workers), assisted by the students and some brethren here in Mindanao, and were financed by Mission Projects International. After the crusades, his brother and sister in Sinanguyan made plans to be baptized in September of 2010.

Jayson was baptized by Pastor Mike Bauler in June 2010 in the Taipan swimming pool, during Pastor Mike’s public crusade.

Presently, Jayson has become one of the leaders of his classmates in doing house-to-house Bible studies in order to help Dexter and Cape to follow up the interested people from Pastor Mike’s crusade in Tongantongan,Valencia, Bukidnon, in June 2010.

Aijunel Aque

Aijunel, another 19-year-old boy, was formerly a member of IFRA DA BEKS (Iglesia Filipia Rizal Apostol sa Dios Amahan sa Balaar Espiritu ni Kristo sa Silangan) and a believer in Rizal, the national hero of the Philippines, and a Sunday keeper. His father also was a pastor of this church but now has become a Sabbath-keeping Christian through the cooperation of brethren in

Student from Mountain Heights Missionary Training School.

Christ from Davao Oriental. His father sent Aijunel to Mountain Heights with Pastor Nanding, a Seventh-day Adventist evangelist.

Aijunel’s former life was not useful in God’s cause. He liked to eat flesh rather than vegetarian foods. But now he is totally changed; his diet is purely vegetables and fruits, and his knowledge of the Word of God has quickly developed. He is the student pastor in Springside Church, accompanied by his two classmates. He regularly handles the Bible study every Sabbath evening as part of his practical training, and he has a little knowledge about the medical work.

Aijunel was also baptized in June 2010 during Pastor Mike’s public crusade. As of now, his parents are waiting for him to finish his two years of missionary training, and they hope that he will be a great asset to God’s cause.

His prayer is that Mission Projects International will grant the youth to have another public crusade in order that before he and his classmates leave they may gain more experience in soul winning and have many remarkable moments during their missionary training.

Johnrald Agan

Johnrald, also 19 years old, was the only Seventh-day Adventist in his family. His mother was a purely devoted Catholic and a leader of an early morning rosary prayer group. Many times he shared the love of God with his parents, but his mother was very prejudiced. One day, his mother remembered that her son had previously been full of vices, a drug user and a trouble maker within the family. But now everything had changed. The Holy Spirit penetrated her heart; she felt pity toward her son and cried silently; it was the turning point of her life.

Another student from Mountain Heights Missionary Training School.

One day, Johnrald asked a favor of Brothers Dexter and Cape—if the youth could hold a public crusade in his home area—and they agreed.

Before the groundwork began, he dreamed many times that he was fishing at the lake and catching good fish and that his mother was helping him, and many neighbors were helping him, as well.

It happened that the students from Mountain Heights were sent to that place under the leadership of Brother Dexter in order to continue the work. As a result, at first there was a Sabbath gathering at the house of his parents, and his mother also observed the Sabbath with them. While observing the Sabbath, his mother learned more; she invited her neighbors to join them, and her neighbors also invited more people, and the dream came true. During a recent visit by Dexter and Titing for Bible study, Johnrald’s mother and other Bible students asked when there could be a baptism. Glory to God for their decision—about nine adults decided to be baptized. The baptism was scheduled for Sabbath, September 18, 2010.

“They that sow in tears shall reap in joy. He that goeth forth and weepeth, bearing precious seed, shall doubtless come again with rejoicing, bringing his sheaves with him.”
Ps. 126:5, 6.

Johnrald is very happy for the decision of his parents. The worshipers long to have a church building, for it is difficult to gather in a small house and have more than 20 individuals in attendance.

Training young men is not an easy task, with different characters to be adjusted and studied and various hardships, including not always the best or very much food; but it reminds us of Elisha’s life during his ministry here on earth. But beyond the mountain of sacrifice lies the valley of success. This is the life of training young men for the service of the Lord.

By Titing Palange. Donations for the work in the Philippines can be sent to Mission Projects International, PO Box 59656, Renton, WA 98058.