12/04/10: Suffer the Little Children to Come

Suffer the Little Children to Come

Jovita and Eduardo’s brother arrived at the church seeking spiritual help because they had heard the Seventh-day Adventist message on the radio and decided to find the church. The special Sabbath school class run by the Sister Judibeth, along with the women’s ministry, pledged to visit them at their rural house (Rancho Galeana). They began to give them Bible studies, finding fertile ground for the gospel.

Jovita and Adrianita

Jovita was in great need of spiritual help, because her husband had recently died and Jovita was living with her in-laws who were Catholic. Their doctrine confused her because she thought her husband’s soul was present with her at every moment, and the thought plagued her; so when she received the Bible study on the state of the dead, she understood about the love of God and His teaching and decided to give her life to Christ. However, this meant leaving the house of her in-laws and her job, because she worked in the field as if she were a man. Since her baptism, she has been faithful to her beliefs, even though she might become homeless, relying on the promises of Christ alone.

The sisters of the women’s ministry saw her decision and helped her by getting a home for her here in Villaflores and an appropriate job for her. Our foundation immediately took charge and helped her daughter Adrianita go to church school, paying her tuition and buying her uniforms. She was enrolled at the church school known as Harmon White Educational Center, located in Villaflores, Chiapas, Mexico, near the border with Guatemala. There, Adrianita started first grade (equivalent to fourth grade in the United States). As with Adrianita, any child who wants to study in our school is welcome, even if they have no means to pay for their tuition, uniforms and shoes. They just need to desire a Christian education, and by faith our foundation will find the means to support them all.

Many poor parents, as well as single, destitute parents or guardians of orphaned children look for Christian education of their children at Centro Educativo Harmon White. The school’s small budget does not accommodate many of the needy children, but we have come to our Lord in prayer and presented all of these children to Him, and we have decided to take as many as can fill the seats in the classrooms. We have experienced growth and an increased number of baptisms and the establishment of several new places of worship due to the humble evangelistic efforts sponsored by our school. The school administration and the teachers continue bringing the gospel and the health message to students and their parents regardless of salary cuts and delays; their love for God and the children keep them committed to this ministry.

Jovita and Adrianata with Family.

As I visited the Seventh-day Sabbath Church in Colton, CA, Brother Harold Cortes recommended to me for the school to become self-sufficient with a farm and an industry that could support the education of the poor as well as jobs and training of the students in the gospel and health ministry. Also, the church in Colton committed to financially support the project director for two years. After presenting this project to God in prayer, I became acquainted with Pastor John Grosboll and Pastor Nunez from Steps to Life who kindly committed to help with the project. A farm rich in underground water was secured; 323 fruit trees were planted; a building to house the industry was erected; an industrial electric generator was purchased, and a water purification and bottling plant was purchased and delivered from China.

The project is almost a reality, but it still needs $4,500 to finance the contract with an industrial engineer to put the plant together and give it a start.

“It is of the utmost importance that industrial lines of work shall be carried forward in our schools. The students will find that in genuine muscular exercise there is a great blessing. Let teachers and students be of good courage. Let them put energy into their work.” Manuscript Releases, vol. 5, 438.

There are several ways in which you can participate in our project. First, your prayers are much appreciated. Second, volunteers are needed in technical work and assistance in the areas of industry, production, business, distribution, etc. Third, any tax-deductible donation can be sent using the information below.

Donations can be sent through Seventh-day Sabbath Church, 
PO Box 1667, Loma Linda, CA 92354. (Please mark 
your donations “School Project”). Phone: (909)370-1311.

By Victor Manuel Alvarez