10/30/10: He Supplies Our Needs

He Supplies Our Needs


In doing God’s work, He has clearly directed us to join our efforts with others of like mind to enter areas to evangelize and be an influence for good. We prayed that the Lord would help us find a group of dedicated people that are willing to be spent for Christ’s kingdom. One text that kept coming to our minds is the one found in Philippians 4:19: “But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus.” This text is very precious to us here at Living Springs.

Brother Ice at an outreach during the holidays.

As we see various ways we can use to reach the people, we try to incorporate them. The Lord has instructed us, “Cast thy bread upon the waters; for thou shalt find it after many days.” Ecclesiastes 11:1. One method we are using is offering sewing classes to the people of the community. To offer these classes we were in need of a dedicated, missionary-minded sewing teacher. We prayed for such a teacher, and the Lord answered our prayers in a wonderful way. At the beginning of this year the Lord impressed us to talk to Gina. She lives about three hours away by bus. She is a hard-working lady and also a consecrated Christian. She accepted the call to teach the sewing class. She endures the three hour bus trip from her hometown to Living Springs every Sunday. She had told us that Sunday is a work day for her, but she is giving it up to help us here at Living Springs. She brings to the class more than 25 years of experience. She is very patient with the ladies as they try to learn a trade. Many of these students have very little education. They have a hard time with the basic math concepts involved in making the patterns for the different articles of clothing that are made in class. We thank the Lord for providing a teacher for this form of outreach. The daughter of one of the ladies that comes to class has asked for Bible studies!

Another person that the Lord has provided for the ministry is Brother Ice. He is one of our board members and is very active at Living Springs. He is a missionary-minded Seventh-day Adventist that came to Panama, not only for the climate and the benefits that this country offers to retirees, but he also came with a sincere desire to work for the Lord. Brother Ice’s greatest desire is to work with the youth. In a previous mission report, we mentioned how the Lord brought us to work together. Before we came to Panama, he was already here actively sharing the gospel with the youth of the area. He teaches the Bible, English, driving, auto mechanics, plumbing and construction, as well as many other skills that the Lord has given him. He has been an inspiration to us. He loves to keep active. He also keeps the different machines used here, from the tractor to the washing machine, in good repair.

We thank the Lord for the staff He has given us thus far. We ask that you will remember us in your prayers. Pray for Brother Ice, that the Lord will keep him in good health and give him strength. We are presently in need of a consecrated Bible worker. Also pray that we may be able to bring into our ministry a skillful brother to head the agriculture program. We have someone in mind. Please pray that the Lord will open the way so this brother and his family may be able to join us soon.

Brother Ice tilling.

We also want to take the time to thank all our partners in ministry that gave so generously to our agriculture project. We were in need of a plow and a brush hog. With your donations we were able to purchase both of them, and they have been a great blessing. Since there is a hydroelectric plant being built in the area, most of the laborers that used to work on the farms are working at the hydroelectric plant. That makes it difficult for us to find reliable help for the farm work. The new equipment helps us get things done that otherwise needed to be done by hand. Thank you very much.

The project of building a small lifestyle center continues to be one of our goals for the near future. We are encouraged by the results that we have seen in the people that sincerely try to follow God’s plan and adhere to the simple guidelines of the eight laws of health. For example, we can see how God has blessed Isaiah. He had a stroke and was having many other health challenges. When we first saw him, he could hardly move about his house. Now he comes to visit us using a walking stick. He is very faithful in following the guidelines given him.

Another good example of God’s answer to prayer for someone who follows His guidelines can be seen in the life of Mrs. Digna. When she first came to us seeking help she was in poor health. She had chronic sinusitis, asthma, insomnia, severe headaches, high blood pressure, circulatory problems and chronic pain over her shoulders and back from a previous automobile accident. Click here for online product cbd insomnia pills that you can purchase online. After we gave her a few guidelines and some herbs, she has come back to tell us how God has blessed her. She has overcome her coffee addiction. She does not have headaches like she used to have. Her sinusitis and breathing problems are clearing up nicely, and now she sleeps soundly. Her blood pressure is within normal limits. She still has pain in her shoulders, but we are trusting that this problem will resolve with further treatments in God’s own time. We trust in the promise that tells us, “He which hath begun a good work in you will perform it.” Philippians 1:6. She is very thankful to God for the way He has helped her.

We have had many calls from people that want to come to stay and be treated here at our home. At this time we do not have the facilities to offer this kind of service. We work from our home offering outpatient treatments, and we also do treatments in people’s homes. Please continue to pray for us, that the lifestyle center will become a reality soon.

Truly the Lord is supplying our needs as we work for Him.

By Zaida Acosta. Email: 4asaved2serve@gmail.com. 
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