08/14/10: Out of the Blue

Out of the Blue

Steve and Suzanne Day have had a desire to serve the Lord for many years. Early on in their Christian walk they fell in love with the Adventist health message. After seeing its power to change lives, they decided to learn all they could about using God’s natural remedies to help people recover from illness. In 2000, they enrolled in a Medical Missionary College. After graduating, they took assignments working in homes with several people who had end-stage cancer. They were very excited with what they saw and experienced in the lines of natural healing.

Unfortunately, after the birth of their first son, Isaac, their intention to work as medical missionaries in their small home town in Washington State was vanquished. It became all too apparent that most people would rather find a “quick fix” or take a pill rather than change their diet or lifestyle. The astounding truth is that the majority will submit themselves to the surgeon’s scalpel, poisonous chemotherapy, and/or the burning effects of radiation instead of trying a natural approach to healing. Why is that? God says: “But blessed is the man who trusts in the Lord, whose confidence is in Him.” Jeremiah 17:1. His natural ways of healing have no adverse effects and are much gentler on the mind and system.

As the Days felt the impact of people’s unwillingness to pursue natural ways of healing, Steve soon realized he needed a steady source of income, so he began doing home repairs and remodels. With the economy running strong in Washington State at that time (early 2000) and plenty of work available in the home repair and construction market, health evangelism took a back seat to running a successful business. But Steve’s heart for ministry did not wane. On the side, he began a DVD and literature ministry handing out nearly 30,000 DVDs and thousands of Steps to Christ booklets in just a few short years. Steve and Suzanne thought their original quest into the Health Ministry/Medical Missionary work had been in vain, but like Joseph during the time of his slavery in Egypt, they couldn’t see the plan that God had for them.

In 2006 they bought a house to flip on the now-volatile real estate market. It was located right in the middle of their small town of Wenatchee, Washington, they were trying to look for a guide on how to sell your home fast. Always desiring to reach others, they would hand out materials to neighbors and those that passed by. One day, a young man was walking his dogs by their house and Steve gave him some Bible-based materials to look at. This brief encounter developed into a close friendship. After a few months this man told them that a brain tumor he had battled since his childhood had returned. The Days made some dietary and lifestyle suggestions, but he insisted that he would rather die than give up meat. However, he changed his position on this once his doctor told him that the tumor was inoperable and that he had less than six months to live. Through prayer he was led to realize that this new friendship was ordained by God as a means of bringing him into an understanding of God’s health principles. The Days continued to work with him and he made tremendous improvements, even to the point that the bald, radiation-burned areas on his head re-grew hair. So wonderful was his story that it made the local newspapers.

Not long after this they received a call from a woman whose doctors had diagnosed her with inflammatory breast cancer and given her two months to live. Again, the Days utilized the knowledge they had gained at the Medical Missionary College and made a plan for her recovery, praying with her and providing support. Within a few short months, she made a complete recovery. Praise God! He is the Master Healer. These encounters renewed their desire to get back into the medical missionary work, but Out of the Blue The Story of How Home for Health Ministry Began in Kentucky, U.S.A. Mission Projects International Quarterly 17 they didn’t know how to go about it. The Days prayed that God would open a way for them to return to this line of work. By 2007-2008 Steve’s business in home repair and construction was drying up as the economy began to manifest its sorry state of affairs. Steve finally had to let go of his company employees and simply focus on making ends meet.

Then, out of the blue, early one morning, he received a phone call from his professor at the medical missionary college. He had not talked to him for quite a while, but this brother in Christ told him that he had heard about a Lifestyle Center that was sitting idle. After praying about it, he felt impressed Steve’s family should take on the endeavor. Not knowing whether it was an answer to prayer or just too good to be true, Steve and Suzanne began to pray earnestly for God’s leading. They called the Center’s owner, and felt reassured that the Lord was in it.  Steve got on an airplane and flew to Kentucky to see the place.

The best way to describe it might be to quote from the Center’s website: www.homeforhealth.net. “Located on 300 acres in the beautiful wooded hills of Kentucky, only a few miles from the breath-taking Red River Gorge and the Natural Bridge State park, Home for Health Lifestyle Center offers the perfect environment for refreshing walks and exercise. Enjoy the hiking trails, the sunshine, the cool mountain air, the songs of birds, the quiet moments of meditation and prayer, or the lovely picnics in the splendor of natural beauty.”  Considering all they had prayed about and seeing God’s hand at work in opening doors, they said: “Yes!” and packed up. They said their goodbyes to friends and family, and headed across the country to begin their new venture running the Home for Health Lifestyle Center.

The Lord has done some wonderful things to kick start their new ministry. They have had guests and people respond from across the country and around the globe. God turned a small, local newspaper interview and article into a state-wide story that ended up in over half a million newspapers. He opened the door for Steve to address many local ministers in the county they live in, through a Baptist preacher that took interest in their ministry. As a result, eight non-Seventh-Day Adventist churches have opened their pulpits to hear Steve preach.

The Days have spent several years researching and practicing the most aggressive and successful techniques to restore or improve people’s health. They use nutrition, hydrotherapy, massage and herbs in conjunction with the eight laws of health. They have worked with cancer, diabetes, Crohn’s disease, chronic fatigue and more, with good success. They have seen that through obedience to God and His health principles, people can be restored back to health.

The Days solicit your prayers on behalf of their ministry. They are working in a county with almost no Seventh- day Adventist influence. Besides that, the area has the highest rate of colon cancer in the nation along with incredibly high rates of diabetes and breast cancer. They hope that the “right arm of the gospel” will open the door of many hearts in their community and abroad. Steve and Suzanne have incorporated a complimentary and often overlooked element of the health ministry by including on-site development of advanced agricultural techniques and sustainable farming. Training in this area is available to those who are interested.

By Steve and Suzanne Day, Home for Health, Kentucky.