04/17/2010: Fulfilling the Lord’s Commission for Kotwi

Fulfilling the Lord’s Commission for Kotwi


“Many present the doctrines and theories of our faith, but their presentation is like salt without savor: for the Holy Spirit is not working through their faithless ministry. They have not opened their hearts to receive the grace of Christ, they know not the operation of the Spirit; they are as meal without leaven; for there is no working principle in all their labour, and they fail to win souls to Christ. They do not appropriate the righteousness of Christ.  It is a robe unworn by them; a fullness unknown, a foundation untouched.” Review and Herald, November 29, 1892.

When we bring our hearts into unity with Christ and our lives in harmony with His work, the Spirit that came unto the disciples on the day of Pentecost will fall on us. Truly, there is a great work to be done, not only where we have churches already established, but also in places where the truth has not been fully presented. We decided to take this commission of our Savior seriously. It is our desire to help souls turn from darkness to light and to help more churches to be established as the Lord has commissioned us. We chose Kotwi, a suburb of Kumasi in the Ashanti Region, as a place to fulfill the commission of the Lord. Kotwi is an out-of-the-way place that has a weak Sabbath-keeping church. Kotwi has been dominated by Deeper Christian Ministry, which is now a church. The Deeper Christian ministry condemns the Sabbath and teaches its members that it is a curse to keep the Sabbath. The work in Kotwi needed to be prepared by prayer and ground work.  It was decided to set aside a whole month for prayer, door-to-door ministry and the distribution of literature. This work was carried on by a team of five workers.

The day we hung out street banners in Kotwi we heard a rumor that some of the members of the Deeper Life Ministry had been equipped with special questions to disrupt the preaching. The reason that they were going to disrupt our meeting was because we were Sabbath keepers. We set up our equipment at the crusade ground and the Lord blessed the efforts of the team of workers who had diligently been sowing the seeds of truth. Many people came to listen to what the Lord had to say to them. As each person came to the meeting he received the pamphlet Behold He Cometh.

During the time we were having the crusade, Satan was busy trying to disrupt the meetings.  A Benz Bus 207 slipped of the highway into a gutter very close to the crusade area, but there where no casualties. God’s watch care was over all those that attended. Each night the program started at 7:30. A local group came in and helped with the singing. It was a blessing to all to be able to sing praises to the Lord. A laptop computer and a projector were used to show pictures. A great number of people were drawn to the crusade grounds. The first lesson was “The Result of Sin.” The chairs were filled; people had to stand and there were those that listened from the verandas of nearby houses.

The outdoor crusade took place over ten days. On the day we presented the “Sabbath as the Lord’s Day,” those who had planned to ask specific questions on the Sabbath became dumbfounded. These people discussed the Sabbath subject for an hour. This turned into a blessing rather than a curse as the Sabbath was discussed in its totality. When the “Change of the Sabbath” and “The Antichrist and 666” were presented, many were surprised. Their surprise was due to the pictures that were shown and the facts presented from the Bible.

The crusade was well attended by forty to fifty people each night. Most of those attending raised their hands when asked if they wanted to keep the Sabbath. The Lord blessed the efforts of the workers. Brother Kwabena gave his uncompleted house to be used for Bible Studies so those that committed to keeping the Sabbath can do further Bible Studies. These studies take place in the evening, and we have between thirty to thirty-five people who attend. The house had no lights, and we were using a generator to supply the lights. The Lord provided that the landlord of a nearby house was willing to donate free electricity from his house so the lessons could continue. This kind offer made the whole program a success.

The worship service the first Sabbath after the crusade attracted thirteen souls. The National Sunday Law was given to each person who attended. We encouraged them to go home and study more about the Sabbath and the Antichrist. At the time of this writing, six of the thirteen souls are being prepared for baptism. There is an intensive house-to-house ministry in progress, as there are many who are in the valley of decision. We request your prayers for these souls and for the work in Kotwi. To further the work, we need Bibles, tracts and more fliers. If the Lord lays this on your heart, please contact us.  It is also our prayer that the Lord would bless us with a vehicle.

Pastor Kusi Amoakohene
Historic Adventist Church
P. O. Box 4476
Kumasi, Ghana