03/27/2010: I Wanted to be a Priest

I Wanted 
to be a Priest

A story of God’s saving providence in Honduras

March 27, 2010

Many years ago, I felt the need in my heart to seek God. I have very good parents, but there was no one that could give me the correct religious instruction. I wanted to serve and help people, so I thought the way to accomplish this was by becoming a priest.

A short while after I began my studies for the priesthood, I developed some serious problems with my eyes which made it impossible for me to continue my studies. I continued to be active in the church, along with the rest of my very devout family, until a difficulty took place at our local Catholic church and I decided to stop attending.

For the next few years, I threw myself into my work; that’s how I kept occupied. Over the next several years, I met three different young ladies whom I considered for marriage; but somehow, at the last minute, some problem would arise and the marriages would be called off.

During these years, God had sent His servants from Maranatha Medical Ministries to Honduras, and an Adventist church was established here in the village of La Zona. They would kindly invite me to their meetings, and once in a while I would attend. Gradually as time moved on, the visits became more frequent.

I always found the messages to be simple and sincere, and the testimony of most of their members to be that of true Christians. I felt satisfied and blessed whenever I attended their church.

On one occasion, Brother Hernando Cuesta, a missionary from Colombia, and I were talking and he asked if I liked the teachings of the Adventist church. With sincerity I responded that I liked it, and that I agreed with about 75 percent of its teachings, but there were some things that, to me, were too extreme. He then proceeded to ask me if I wanted to study with him and perhaps we could clear up the other 25 percent.

We began to study together, and God even had Brother Hernando spend a couple of weeks at my place, due to the outpost being filled with guests. During those two weeks, I learned more about the Bible than I had learned in my entire life. By his example, I also learned the importance of personal devotions with God in the morning.

I began a new life. Now I understood why I had that sickness with my eyes that pulled me out of the priesthood; why the marriages had never taken place—it was in reality the hand of God guiding my life.

Now, with great joy, I can serve God and help others. I decided to offer my help and skills with the young men up at the outpost at the Missionary Training Center. The Lord has surrounded me with people that I too can learn from; people that are kind, humble, and most of all, filled with the Spirit of God.

The time that I used to dedicate to calculating my work, vain thoughts, etc., I now dedicate to the study of God’s Word, the Spirit of Prophecy books and prayer. I can only give the thanks and praise to God for all that He has done. I know that it is His grace that works in me, because He is the One that gives us faith, leads us to repentance, and leads us all to do that which is good.

There was a time that I thought I could never keep the Sabbath—I always had so much work to do—but now I look forward to Sabbath. It is the happiest day for me. Sabbath school is my favorite time, because the Divine Teacher comes to teach us His wisdom and all that He has left us in His Word. It is a wonderful blessing for me. Every Wednesday afternoon, the Missionary Trainees and I go into the mountains and give Bible studies and medical consultations. What a blessing this is!

The majority of my family does not support me in my new life, and especially in my decision to get baptized. I pray much and I’m very anxious for that glorious day when I can publicly demonstrate my desire to be a part of God’s eternal family. I know that God gives special blessings and promises to those who get baptized. I know that in God’s strength I will be able to meet all the trials and temptations that come my way.

I could go on telling all that God has done for me, but I’d rather ask that you pray that God will keep me faithful and firm, that on that glorious day we can all meet together by that river of life. May God help us all, is my prayer.

Note: This testimony was written by Jorge Muñoz, and translated into English. By the time you read this story, Jorge will be a baptized Seventh-day Adventist. His desire is to work full-time with Maranatha Medical Ministries, helping in our Missionary Training Center. In addition to his missionary outreach with the young men, he will also be teaching them carpentry skills and small-scale construction. We thank God that He has provided us with a mentor for our young men. Please keep Jorge in your prayers; that God will keep him strong in His truth. We know that he will be a great asset to the ministry, and to God’s work here in La Zona.

By Jorge Muñoz. Maranatha Medical Ministries, Honduras. Donations can be sent to Maranatha Medical Ministries, 
PO Box 501, Sherman, NY 14781.