Letter from Cody: Evangelism – March 2010

Sometimes the barriers to presenting the gospel seem insurmountable, and it can be disheartening. Sometimes we are tempted not even to try. Over one hundred and twenty years ago, the brethren in Europe were struggling with just this issue. “Mrs. White said that there would come changes that would open doors that were closed and barred, changes in many things that would alter conditions and arouse the minds of the people to understand and appreciate present truth. Political upheavals would come, and changes in the industrial world, and great religious awakenings, that would prepare minds to listen to the third angel’s message. ‘Yes, there will be changes,’ she assured them, ‘but nothing for you to wait for. Your work is to go forward, presenting the truth in its simplicity, holding up the light of truth before the people.’” Life Sketches, 294. Changes are coming, but we have a work to do now. Even when the barriers loom menacingly, our work is to go forward in giving the message, trusting the One who gives success.

Areas covered with literature in El Salvador

By the grace of our Lord, it is our purpose to keep pressing forward, seeking to share the precious message of truth that the Lord has committed to us with all who will listen. Just a few weeks ago, Pastor Mike Bauler and his family returned from an evangelistic program in El Salvador. They held a ten-night evangelistic series in combination with health clinics during the day. The little church there had been active in giving Bible studies and sharing with the community, and many of them brought some of their contacts to the meetings. As the truths from God’s Word were presented, some became convicted of their need toworship their Creator on His holy Sabbath day while others struggled over the cross that it would involve. Others questioned and struggled with the idea that the church in which they, their parents and grandparents had believed and followed was the foretold antichrist of Bible prophecy. Through the seminar and personal efforts, several families are continuing studies with the brethren and will hopefully soon take their stand among God’s remnant people. Meanwhile, the brethren continue to give Bible studies and distribute thousands of truth-filled pieces of literature. It is their plan and effort to cover the entire country with the message of truth.

Evangelistic meetings in the John Day, Oregon area.

In another effort to share the message committed into our hands, we are currently in the middle of an evangelistic series in the John Day valley of eastern Oregon. With fairly large cattle ranches dotting these dry mountains and valleys, the population is fairly low; but the Lord is blessing as we seek to share the truth in these small communities. While there may not be masses of people in the area, the brethren here have sought to let everyone know that truth is being presented here. With ads in the local paper, radio spots on the only local radio station, posters placed on community billboards and brochures going to every home, virtually all within the area have heard that a Bible prophecy seminar is going on. When opening night arrived, how happy we were when people began to come; but the best thing is that most are still coming. We have covered the rapture, Sabbath and judgment; and still they continue to drink in the truths from the Word of God. While we could always wish for more, we praise the Lord for the five to ten precious souls that have come out from the community each night; and we continue to pray that the Lord will open their hearts fully to the truths of the Three Angels’ Messages. Please pray for these evangelistic efforts to present the truth to those who know it not—both in El Salvador and closer to home in Oregon. May we be faithful to our calling to “go forward, presenting the truth in its simplicity, holding up the light of truth before the people” through the obstacles and the open doors!

Your fellow-laborer,