Ghana: Waldensians Group – February 2010

The Waldensian fellowship is a group of young students from the univeristy that have a burden to spread the three angels message in their country in Ghana. This was their fourth evangelistic campaign that they have conducted.

A Testimony

Students that from the Waldensians group

On one fateful evening after the sermon on the change of the Sabbath at Mfuom, the preacher was making an altar call. Then, out of nowhere we saw a Catholic priest dressed in a white cassock approaching the preacher with two big catechisms from among the seated audience. He approached the preacher amidst shouts, insults and derogatory remarks that he (the preacher) should verify his accusations against the Catholic Church. This resulted in an excitement amongst the audience as they waited eagerly to see us verify our claims of the papal involvement in the Sabbath’s change. The resulting uproar and tumult aroused the whole town and pulled out all the townsfolk—including those who were returning from the crusade grounds to their various homes—to the place and awoke all who were slumbering. Meanwhile the preacher continued to appeal to the consciences of the masses to move forward and take their stand for the truth. The attention of the people was drawn to the priest and his denunciations; this infuriated some of the team members who entered into a heated remonstrance and argument with the priest to prevent him from winning the confidence of the masses (this happened after the priest refused to sit upon being given a chair to sit on initially by some of the members so that he will be attended to after the closing prayer).

Converts from the meetings

The secretary then boldly took the catechism from the priest and by God’s providence opened miraculously to the very page that addressed the Sabbath as the third commandment. Because the priest’s catechism was bigger and different from the smaller one we normally quote from, it was quite a challenge to us as to how to locate the same page as the one in our smaller version; this was the cause of our initial fear. One of our members who also rushed home for our copy of the catechism then returned just as we found the page. We then invited the priest to come and read for himself and to the hearing of the people the words in the catechism. Suddenly there was a change in his countenance as fear and amazement gripped him. All could see confusion on his face as he struggled to find words and a footing. We read the words of the catechism, translated it into the local

First Sabbath with the new believers

language and contrasted it with the law in the Bible (Exodus 20). We thus proved to the whole town from these books and the added presence of the priest, the veracity of the Three Angels’ Messages. Thus the whole town believed us.

The Waldensian Group