08/29/09: Redemption Radio – Strong & Clear

Redemption Radio was now on the air with the new transmitter and 3,000 watts of power. It sounded very clear and strong. I asked about the reflected power: “How is it?”

Brother Roy answered: “You can’t read it… there’s no reflected power!”

“Oh!” I answered, “Praise the Lord!”

“That’s right”, he said. “Praise the Lord!”

What else can we say, friends? It’s the Lord’s doing, for the glory of His name, and for the furthering of His work on this earth.

The buildings where Redemption Radio is housed.

The buildings where Redemption Radio is housed.

We are receiving reports from distant cities and towns. They are able to get the station strong and clear. Brothers and sisters that years ago donated for this project are so happy now to be able to hear the radio station in their homes. We are all happy to see this cherished dream finally come true. We thank you, also, for your prayers and support.
Here is my dad’s account on this project:

The 22nd of February we started the work of installation of the new 10,000 watt transmitter. And the 9th of March, at 3:30 p.m., Redemption Radio started crossing the air with 3,000 watts, which is the power that was authorized for us by the National Comission of Telecomunications (CONATEL).

Brother Roy Steck, from the state of Tennessee, was in charge of this installation work, along with our local technician, Roberto Maldonado. Both of them were led by the Lord so that this new transmission equipment was able to operate with 100% efficiency.

The radio tower and power station.

The radio tower and power station.

Something particular, I want to mention, that once again showed us that God’s powerful hand was leading this project, is that the tuning unit we had since the year 2000 to couple the 1kw RCA transmitter had always worked with a high rate of reflected power. When Brother Steck and our local technician tested the power of the 1kw transmitter, it showed 700 watts broadcasting power and 200 watts reflected power, which meant that our effective power was only 500 watts. This also meant the Nautel solid-state transmitter, being more sensitive to these problems, would not be able to work.

We prayed for the Lord to work the same miracles He had worked in the past in behalf of this radio station. We then started to do as much as we could to make the tuning unit work better: cleaning, painting, replacing the parts we could and adding the only extra capacitor we had. The wonderful thing is that, at the end of the work, the reflected power had completely disappeared; and immediately we connected the Nautel transmitter, and it was able to broadcast with the effective 3000 watts power, with zero reflected power. p1020080Before that, we had thought we would probably not be able to install the new transmitter, and that we would possibly need a new tuning unit; but we serve a wonderful God, Who makes possible the things that for men are impossible.

The next day, 10th of March, we started receiving reports from many places. They said the radio station could be heard very clearly at a distance of about 100 kilometers.
We received reports from three important cities we were not reaching before, and we are reaching much better the rural and mountain areas.

The radio tower and power station.

The radio tower and power station.

With all this, and important as it is to have a new, more powerful transmitter working, there is something more relevant yet that is keeping this transmitter in the air 16 hours a day. This involves higher power consumption because, in order for this transmitter to work, we had to install air conditioning equipment. On the other hand, we must provide regular maintenance service in order for the transmitter to work with utmost efficiency.

We thank our God for providing the resources for the purchase and installation of this new transmitter. Along with this, He gives us the promise: “My God shall supply all your need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus.” Philippians 4:19. And because of that promise we fully trust that the Lord will provide to keep this radio station on the air month after month, and not only that — we believe the Lord wants this radio work to expand to other parts of Honduras, and more! All things are possible for Him!

My dad is presently operating the radio station manually during a few hours in the day, doing the live broadcasts our listeners so much love. For the rest of the day, he uses discs with several hours of programming in order to be able to do visitation and other work. Elsy is working on the programming, getting new material and putting together the discs for daily programming with messages of present truth and sacred music.

Friends, as we do what the Lord has appointed for us to do today in His work, and as we seek His guidance in order to advance His work, please, remember us in prayer.

By Teresa Jiménez and Noel Jiménez. Donations for this work can be sent to The Spanish Herald, P.O. BOX 4326, Spanaway, WA 98387 and earmarked “Honduras Radio Station”