Home from Brazil


Radio listeners who came to the evangelistic meeting

I am on the plane on the way home from Brazil. Thank you for your prayers for the Lord’s blessing. It was indeed a blessing as we saw lives touched by our merciful God. After the one week Religious Liberty campmeeting near Rio de Janeiro, it was off to Fortaleza for a week of prayer where we covered “Examples of Excellence” from the Bible. Primarily for young people, but all were appreciative and desirous to “seek to excel.” Then the highlight of the trip was evangelistic visitation and meetings in Sao Paulo. The radio program is doing a tremendous work and we were able to visit many listeners who are struggling with the truths for this last time. Then on Sunday (August 9), we held an evangelistic program for those coming from the radio. One hundred and fifty came out to study The Rapture and Armageddon. All came away blessed. Now it is back to catching up on things here at home!


Preaching to 150 Pentecostals in Sao Paulo, Brazil