07/18/2009: God Has Surprises for Us

“By the word coming from God, we are instructed to educate, educate, educate, young men and young women to understand the living oracles of God. This knowledge will be of the greatest possible value to them as they labor for God. God requires that minds shall not be dwarfed by a connection with the church, but strengthened, elevated, enriched, ennobled, and made fit for the most sacred work ever committed to mortals. The Lord will have a well-trained army, ready to be called into action at a word. These will be well-disciplined men and women and youth, who have placed themselves under educating influences that have made them vessels unto honor.” Review and Herald, March 22, 1898

I was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in an Adventist home. When I was 13 my family moved to Natal, a small and very beautiful city in the north of Brazil.

Taquera Institute, where Rosmeire was trained.

Taquera Institute, where Rosmeire was trained.

Since I was a child, it has been my dream to work for God; but I spent most of my teenage years working for myself. But the Lord removed my selfish desires for money and position and gave me the opportunity to work for Him and help save precious souls for whom He came to die. When I decided to return to Rio de Janeiro in order to study to be a missionary, my heart’s cry was to go wherever Jesus called me.
On November 15 of 2008, I graduated from Taquara Institute, and God called me to work at my Alma Mater. Before I began to work there however, the Lord showed me that I had to return to my hometown in order to share the present truth.

He put on my friend’s heart, Cheine, the desire of go with me. This happened before we graduated, so we started to pray about it. We didn’t have enough money to buy an airplane ticket to go there. Nor did we have money to maintain ourselves there, but we knew that it was God’s will, and we wanted to do His work, so He would provide the necessities.

Two weeks after our graduation, God impressed us to ask to get a ride on a military airplane. (This is possible in Brazil, but very difficult to get if you are not in the military.) We realized that it would be almost impossible, because we were not in the military and because it was the month of December, high travel season in Brazil. But we decide to try. The military officer who received us said: “You are very lucky. You arrived here at 4:20, twenty minutes after we close, and you found me still here; and I have an airplane going to Natal tomorrow morning at 7:00.” We quickly went to Cheine’s house and packed our bags. The following day we were so thankful to God because we were flying from Rio de Janeiro to Natal. God provided everything we needed during our stay in Natal; money for food and transportation, invitations to preach in various churches, friends to help us, because we couldn’t accept all the invitations we received! Our fellow graduate Luciana came to help us out. And there was more besides. For almost two months, five churches learned about righteousness by faith, true principles of music and worship, God’s purpose for the church, etc. We had the opportunity of visiting many needy people and helping them spiritually. Everywhere we went, we heard people say “we’ve been waiting to hear this message for a long time.” “You can’t go! Please stay with us and teach us more about victory over sin.” “We need you to do missionary work here.”

Classroom at Taquera Institute.

Classroom at Taquera Institute.

People cried when they heard about victory over sin. We witnessed people understanding for the first time in their life about present truth-people who have been Adventists for five, ten and fifteen years, but who didn’t know about the power of the gospel. We could see that everywhere in Brazil (and surely world-wide), God is preparing His people.

We know that people are tired of suffering and misery. People are also tired of sin. The Holy Spirit is working in people’s hearts, and we must go to them and tell them what Jesus wants us to say.

It was a privilege for us to see the Lord’s love, patience and mercy to save us. We had just graduated, we didn’t have many talents or much experience, but God used us-three girls who desired to be instruments in God’s hand.

Jesus call is calling you. Are you ready? Will you heed his call or excuse yourself?

Think about it: Jesus wants you to choose to work for Him.

By Rosimeire Brito, Taquera Institute, Brazil. Telephone: (21) 2777-2882 extension 202. Donations can be sent to Taquara Global Missions, P.O. Box 1, Rapidan, VA 22733.