Letter from Cody: Congo – May 2009

Dear Friend,


Bible study group

“We have no time to lose. The end is near. The passage from place to place to spread the truth will soon be hedged with dangers on the right hand and on the left. Everything will be placed to obstruct the way of the Lord’s messengers, so that they will not be able to do that which it is possible for them to do now. We must look our work fairly in the face and advance as fast as possible in aggressive warfare. From the light given me of God I know that the powers of darkness are working with intense energy from beneath, and with stealthy tread Satan is advancing to take those who are now asleep, as a wolf taking his prey. We have warnings now which we may give, a work now which we may do; but soon it will be more difficult than we can imagine. God help us to keep in the channel of light, to work with our eyes fastened on Jesus our Leader, and patiently, perseveringly press on to gain the victory.” Testimonies, vol. 6, 22 (1901). This note of warning sounded one hundred plus years ago needs to be trumpeted with even greater urgency today-we have no time to lose! Soon it will be more difficult than we can imagine. Let us work with all our might now, while we still can.


Bible studies for people in the Congo

There are places in the world today that the work is already more difficult than we can imagine. There are countries where epidemics are not just a news story, but a sad fact of daily life; countries where travel, if it existed previously, is already greatly restricted; countries where money is virtually useless anyway. While there are many countries like this today, my thoughts are turning in particular to the Democratic Republic of Congo. The work is moving forward despite the fact that it is more difficult than we can imagine; they strive to work for the Master daily. As they were laboring for the Master, an epidemic of cholera and influenza struck bringing nearly everyone and everything to a screeching halt including tragically the lives of some of the brethren and families of Bible workers. Fortunately most have recovered and are about their work again with renewed desire to work while the day lasts. The calls continue to come in from the entire area, making the need of materials and workers even more urgent.

The brethren were greatly rejoicing when a long awaited shipment of 5000 Bible studies finally arrived. They had been out for many months and so enthusiastically starting sharing them again. As they have shared the Bible studies, the calls for more workers and churches becomes stronger and more insistent. Two additional churches have been constructed, and the church families are happily worshipping in their simple but more commodious houses of worship. A clinic in one of the outlying villages has been started, as the brethren were willing to worship in their simple mud church if they could only minister to the great health needs of the village,


Church building

instead. Twenty-five Bible workers continue to gather the villages together to open the Word of God, under the trees, in a mud church or in one of the few cement churches. Fifteen schools are seeking to educate the children to be useful in this life and prepared for the life to come. Praise the Lord for the work that is moving forward amidst difficulties greater than we can imagine! Please uplift our brethren in Congo before the Lord, as they daily bring us to our Father in heaven, and see how the Lord would have you assist them with Bibles, churches, clinics, Bible studies, schools and, most importantly, souls saved in His kingdom!

Your brother,