01/31/2009: City Life

Living in a very crowded area can be difficult for your spiritual life. All around you there is satanic music playing, even at 4 am. It strives to steal your quiet hour. It is a constant struggle that we must face every day. Constant communication with God is much needed. One day as I was struggling with the constant bombardment of worldliness, I plead with God to help us to obtain means by which we could have a country home. As I prayed, the Lord revealed to me that He still needs representatives in this wicked area. He needs faithful witnesses who will set an example and visit the people that are totally sucked into this frenzied lifestyle that has been designed by the devil. Once I realized that I was in the place where God had designed for me to be, then I was very happy. I felt pleasure to be working with God and was satisfied with my location as well.

I started searching for people who would like to study the Word of God after our church saturated this area with end-time literature. Truly the Lord will make a way if you ask and if you show your willingness.

Rommel, who is blind, with his guide Liza.

Rommel, who is blind, with his guide Liza.

One Sabbath, a blind fellow and his guide visited our church. After the service, I shared a friendly conversation with them. While visiting, I was excited to learn that this blind man, Rommel Juckson, was looking for someone to give Bible studies to his seeing-eye-guide, Liza Karamonte.

Rommel had been baptized as a Seventh-day Adventist quite a long time ago. He made his living by playing music in the plaza, the market, beside the malls and other corners around town. At one of these locations he met Liza and he ended up arranging for her to be his new guide. Now he wanted her to learn about Adventism. So I made an appointment to start Bible studies with them. I brought my wife and brother and sisters along to sing to this blind man and his guide. Even though Sister Liza is so tired by the end of the day from a long day of toil, she loves our Bible studies because she loves the music. She wants to learn all the songs. She says they make her feel so refreshed.

The house where we hold these Bible studies is very small. The first night that we met to study with Rommel and Liza, the rain started coming down in bucket-loads. It was impossible to hear each other speak because of the noise of the rain. This was not conducive to a very good Bible study, especially with a blind man as he could not look up the verses and just read them to himself. We ended up getting our portable public address system and carrying on the Bible study with that. Then we were so loud that, I believe, even the neighbors were obliged to listen to our study. Rommel kept turning the volume up and up because he thought it would be wonderful for his neighbors to hear the study. As soon as we finished studying the rain stopped. God must have wanted one of those neighbors to receive the message that night. By God’s grace, Liza eventually chose to accept Christ and be baptized. That was a blessed day. We still continue to study with her and encourage her in her new walk with the Lord.

Rommel, in spite of his blindness, shares the gospel with all that he can. He makes tape recordings of messages and Bible readings. Often he takes his cassette player with him when traveling by public transportation. Once he is situated on the bus, he turns on his cassette player so that all his fellow passengers get to listen to a message. Several times other passengers have given him a hard time for this, but he keeps on doing it. Right now he is working on recording the New Testament that can serve as his Bible. Sister Liza is the one doing the reading for him.

It is encouraging to see how God can use a blind man to reach other  people. If every member of the church would pray to God to use them in this dying world, truly the  genuine gospel might be proclaimed very quickly. “All who have become children of God are to do all in their power to seek and save the lost sheep. They are to make use of every possible means to give sinners the word of life and the saving grace of Christ. Believers in the truth are ever to remember the sacrifice that Christ made in order that He might, in taking humanity, be an example to all human beings.

Our church members are to follow His example of self denial and sacrifice, seeking and saving the lost souls perishing in unbelief and sin. Everywhere they are to give the truth to those ready to perish.” The Northern Union Reaper, April 16, 1907.

By Brian Palange. Support for the work in the Philippines may be sent to Mission Projects International, PO Box 59656,Renton, WA 98059.