Studying in Secret

Studying in Secret

A husband and wife each study the Bible without the other’s knowledge.

I first heard the Adventist message three years ago when I visited Kampala, but, afraid to be different from my boozing comrades, I ignored it. Then the message followed me to my home village of Bushenyi, when one of my drinking friends—the man who sold me my liquor, in fact—suddenly converted to Christianity. After his baptism, Patrick Kafobeero began visiting my house with the lay evangelist who had been instrumental in his conversion. As they opened the Bible with me, the new truths I learned convicted my heart. I felt Jesus calling me to be baptized, but I was nervous about how my wife might react. A strong-willed woman, she had always spoken negatively of Adventism. I put off baptism, not wanting to risk straining my family ties. 

The convicting voice grew stronger every day until I decided to open up to my wife. I showed her the “Discover” lessons I had been studying, hoping that she would be interested. To my disappointment, she refused to read them. “I know enough about God,” she told me. 

I decided that instead of talking to my wife about the Bible studies again, I would pray for her. I also left the lessons out on the table, available for anyone in my family to read. I hoped that somehow, my wife would get curious enough to look at them.

One afternoon, I made a quick trip home to pick up my mobile phone, which I had forgotten that morning. As I drew the curtain, I saw my wife reading one of the Bible lessons. When she saw me, she struggled to throw the paper down, a look of shock and panic on her face. I pretended not to have seen anything as I went into the house. “God, touch her heart!” I silently prayed. 

Soon the truth came out. Every afternoon, my wife had been reading the Discover lessons, one by one. Then, to keep her studies a secret, she arranged the lessons on the table just the way I had left them. Since I didn’t normally return home until evening, she had thought that I would never know. 

Within a few weeks, my wife no longer wanted to hide her newfound desire for God. To learn more about the Bible, she joined the Branch Sabbath School in Kashanda, Kakanju. Later, she got baptized with our oldest daughter. My heart delighted to see them baptized. My new faith would not be splitting our family, after all! Soon I followed my wife and daughter in baptism, and now our home is Jesus’ throne. 

Patrick Kafobeero’s conversion ignited a gospel fire that is spreading from person to person, family to family and community to community. The Sabbath School fellowship where my family worships now has 25 members plus 30 children. Our group is growing all the time, yet we do not have a permanent place of worship. Land is expensive in our area, but we have a plan to save for the land purchase gradually. Each family brings their coins each week, and we try to save $10 as a church every Sabbath. It will take time, but eventually we will have enough money to buy the land!

Money is tight here. An evangelistic effort we planned for July had to be postponed until October due to insufficient funds. Many people are ready for the message, and we need to bring them into Jesus’ fold through evangelism. Pray that God will open the way for us to continue spreading the gospel message in our area!

Narration told by Kasei and written by Pastor John Kaganzi.


Pastor John Kaganzi is a district pastor in the Ruhandagazi area in Uganda.

How You Can Help

Pray Kasei asks for prayers to break free from an addiction he is still struggling with, and that his family would be grounded in the faith.

Pray for the Sabbath School group in Kashanda to be able to raise the money they need for their evangelistic projects and for land to build a church on.

Give to the work in Uganda. Needs include new church buildings, training for church planters and church planter support. Send your check marked “Uganda Workers” or “Uganda Churches” to: 

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