Spiritual Therapy

Spiritual Therapy

Rehab ministry in Colombia results in baptisms!

“We believe spiritual therapy is what these guys need to be completely free of drugs,” the rehab center coordinator told us. “We welcome the presentation of the gospel in this place. Would you be willing to share with our residents three days a week?” How could we decline an offer like that? God had opened a door of ministry we had not even been looking for!

My first day visiting the rehab center, I did not know what to expect. Never before had I worked with drug addicts, and I didn’t know how to talk with them or whether they would even be open to Bible study. To my surprise, in the center I found fervent men eager to know truth—more eager and fervent than some of our church brethren! They told us that they loved our Bible study methods. “You keep us awake searching through the Scriptures, with questions and answers,” they said. I had never seen people so hungry for Bible truth. I had also never met people so earnest in their desire to own a Bible. When we gave the men Bibles, they acted like little boys receiving a coveted toy!

Besides giving Bible studies, we have been helping the residents through mental health coaching and lifestyle counseling to help with their physical needs. It sometimes feels difficult to give them our best advice, because in the center, the residents do not have complete liberty to follow a healthy, religious lifestyle. Still, I believe God accepts their sincere efforts to please Him within their sphere.

Some weeks ago, we had the blessing of baptizing sixteen of the rehab residents. These guys are a miracle. I saw them before and after their conversions, and I can testify of the power of the gospel to change lives. Jairo, a man who lost his two legs because of excessive drug use, shared his testimony of how God changed his life after he overdosed and was found in the street. “When I woke up, I was surprised to find out that I had been in a coma for one month, but it was more terrible when I tried to stand up and didn’t have legs. I had two options: to fall into depression and go crazy or to accept Jesus. I did the latter and now I am the happiest person.”

Jonathan, another young man, told me, “I have not used drugs since I have been here, and I would like to be a missionary like you.” He is considering attending Las Delicias to be trained to serve God.

We praise God for the church He has raised in this dark place, where week after week about forty people struggling with drugs meet for “spiritual therapy”—simply studying the Bible. We have had challenges, for the enemy is furious with this work. At one time, I thought that our work at the center would be put to a stop, but God intervened as only He can. Please continue to pray for the rehab residents, that God will strengthen them in the inner man to face their daily temptations. Pray also for the ones who have already left the center having received the gospel, that they may stay steadfast in the light of Jesus Christ. Finally, pray for us, that God may continue to give us strength, means and grace to continue with this work.


Daniel Miranda is the chair of the Evangelism and Bible Department of Fundacion Las Delicias, a self-supporting ministry equipping youth for ministry in Bible work, health and agriculture.

How You Can Help

Pray for Daniel and his team as they reach out to the rehab residents.

Pray for the residents to embrace the power of God to give them freedom from addictions and sin.

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