6/16/18: Reaching Africa with the Gospel

Reaching Africa with the Gospel

Various types of ministry work spread the gospel faster in Africa.

It became our prayer to begin a media ministry at Pure Light Mission, but we never imagined it would come about in this way. It all started when we began
recording seminars with MelVee Productions, an online ministry with a YouTube channel reaching more than half a million viewers.

Since last December, Pure Light has been recording different series for inreach and outreach purposes, then putting the messages onto DVDs and making them
available for purchase. At the end-of-year Present Truth Lifestyle Conference, we recorded a series on the 144,000 with around 200 people in attendance.

“Where have you been, young man?” Chekerwa, a manager of Life Destiny TV exclaimed after listening to the recorded messages. “We are going to use [your recordings].” He expressed joy in the fact that now Bible prophecy is being made simple to understand, even for a child.

Our prophecy seminars are viewed by many, and we have also started round table prophecy discussions that look at current events in light of Bible prophecy.
Pure Light Missions sometimes participates in the popular Sabbath School series which discusses the lesson study guide.

We have been provided a platform for the preaching of the gospel, and now we must ensure that the everlasting gospel is preached. “We see in Pure Light a resource center where we can request content on Bible, health and cooking classes,” remarked Dr. Charlotte Machewane, the owner of a TV station. “We are so excited to have met you guys.” During this time, we were recording an Unlocking Revelation Series, an outreach-oriented series geared to present the
three angels’ messages through simplified Bible prophecy. This too, we will put onto DVD discs and use along with Last Generation Magazines for outreach purposes.

Our vision is to get the three angels’ messages to every country and household in Africa. We thought it would take us years to reach this point, but through these
media ministries, it will be easier to reach our goal. This is one of the avenues we have used so far.

We continue to train missionaries who will go to African countries to do the follow-up work for interested souls. Our very thorough three-year training program teaches the Bible as well as health principles. We currently have 12 students who came from different parts of Southern Africa, including Botswana and Zimbabwe. These are not merely students, but pioneers of God’s work in establishing churches in unentered areas. Others are leading Voice of Prophecy distributors in their respective conference. These are men and women who have a burden to preach the gospel! These students are not waiting to graduate before doing missionary work. They are currently busy working with local churches in our area in Mpumalanga, South Africa. They conduct health presentations and training and Bible-based revival messages. Every year, they are expected to be taking up leadership in outreach activities for five weeks!

There are many who have similar experiences and backgrounds who really want to take this training, but unfortunately many cannot afford to pay the tuition
fees ($3500 a year includes accommodation and food.)

God has really been encouraging and providing for our needs. We have managed to complete the construction of the girl’s dorm, and this year we are about to finish our construction of the school’s administration building. We only have the final touches of adding office furniture. We see that time is limited, and we need to redeem the time! Both the staff and students of Pure Light are missionaries looking to reach others for Christ. As we make effort, we can see His

We desire to use what God has given us to generate income. More could be done if we had the resources. We are planning to use our 30-hectare (74 acre) property in the coming year for commercial farming, provided that we find a good farmer. We are also praying for the Lord to help us get a farm tractor. We also desire to build a mill where we can mill the corn harvested from our farm to sell for income. We are currently growing vegetables and legumes that we use
to provide food for the students. Additionally, we plan to start making our own nut butters thanks to talented students who can build butter-making machines.

We are praying that God will impress you to pray for us, and ask the Lord how He would have you help in this work.

Author: Loago Setswalo is a graduate of Hartland Institute and is in the process of starting a training school called Pure Light Mission based in Botswana.

How You Can Help

Pray for the students who desire to come and be trained as Bible workers but do not have the funds. Pray that God will send an experienced farmer.

Donate: Funds are needed to purchase land to farm, to become self-supporting. Mark your donations “Pure Light Ministries.” Donations can be sent to:
Hartland Institute
444 Hartland Oak Drive
Rapidan, VA 22733