Togo: Pastor Joel – April 2017

Justine Bozo with her child

In November 2016, we held an evangelistic crusade and afterwards a baptism. The new members who got baptized at that time have experienced great changes in their homes since accepting Christ Jesus.

Sister Justine Bozo’s only child suffered from epilepsy, but has been healed since they started coming to church. She herself could not even sleep at night because of nightmares, but she has been sleeping peacefully since the day she got baptized.

Sister Marguerite Kpakpao, who was trained as a seamstress, had difficulties finding clientele. But today, she has been having many clients.

Brother Joel with Justine

Sister Mary Tchamdja Kokou has been freed from all her family problems since the day she got baptized; she and her husband have succeeded in solving them. Their children have been perfectly healed from their illnesses.

Today, we have 46 Bible students studying with us! Five among them want to get baptized.

God bless.

Brother Joel

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