03/28/2009: 13th Sabbath Project – Peru Evangelism

 The work that Dr. Franco Monteza and Spanish Herald Ministry have been doing in Peru has touched many hearts. They have been able to travel there a few times now to conduct evangelism and offer medical missionary treatments to the very needy people of the Chepan and Chiclayo area. Besides the evangelism and medical missionary work they have also been sponsoring literature distribution. They have been not only paid for printing of Spanish materials in Peru, but have also been sponsoring a brother to distribute the literature and give Bible studies on a full-time basis.

Dr. Franco Monteza

Dr. Franco Monteza

 Also Dr. Montezza has been giving Bible studies from his home in the Seattle, Washington area to people who live in Peru. You may wonder how you can give Bible studies long distance. He has appointments to meet with the interests each week via the internet. And he also uses e-mail to communicate with them. One of these women is now keeping the Sabbath. 

It is the goal of Montezas and Spanish Herald Ministry to print and distribute many, many more pieces of literature as well as to do more evangelism and medical missionary work in the very needy area where they have been working.

We would like to help them this quarter towards these goals. Please join with us and enjoy the blessings of supporting the needy work of foreign missions. Please ear-mark your donation “13th Sabbath Offering”.    

 By Dr. Franco Monteza.