Funeral Evangelism

A Bible worker’s remarks at a funeral bring hope to searching souls.

My team of Bible workers and I were busy conducting an evangelistic campaign in a part of Zambia where there were no Seventh-day Adventists. While we were there, a local Catholic priest passed away. This area has been dominated by the Catholic church for decades, so his funeral was very important to the community.

As guests, we were invited to make a few appropriate words during the funeral. We listened as other priests preached sermons about the deceased priest being in heaven. They spoke about how he would be as one of the angels who would now be able to look after and protect his congregation on earth. Finally, one of our Bible workers was called up. Instead of presenting speculative theories about where this priest might be, he opened the Scriptures and explained clearly what the Bible teaches about death.

The audience was shocked, as they had never heard this approach to the Bible, or the Bible’s answers about what happens when you die. Most African societies believe that when a person dies, they become a ghost and continue to communicate with those who are still living. 

After the funeral, many flocked to our Bible workers to confirm the strange new teaching. They were so hungry for the truth of the Scriptures that they gathered around and peppered the workers with questions. On the opening night of the evangelistic campaign, many people flocked to the meeting place.

Brian was one of those who attended that first evangelistic meeting. He looked forward to having an opportunity to meet privately with the Adventist Bible workers. They were soon able to meet and have a Bible study. God began to work in Brian’s heart.

Brian requested to be visited again because he could not attend the evangelistic meetings openly, as he had received threats of being chased out of the community. He invited all his friends, both non-believers and Catholics, to these home Bible studies. For the next ten days, 100 people attended the studies at Brian’s home.

At the end of three weeks, Brian was baptized together with 89 others. On the day of his baptism, he said, “I feel humbled, knowing I must be important in the eyes of the Lord.”

From the day we first engaged with Brian, he looked forward to going to church to meet Jesus, and he was always delighted to hear about Adventist beliefs. He is so grateful that the Lord saved him. “After being in darkness and superstition for so many years, I appreciate what the Lord has done in my life and the lives of others.” Tears rolled uncontrollably down his cheeks.

Brian longs to see many joining the newly opened church in the area, and he is pushing for more evangelistic efforts to be conducted in several places of Zambia where the truth has not yet reached. Brian is also praying for his friends so they will not be left behind. His current focus is to live out the good news and help others little by little along this journey.


Hilary Moonga is the pastor of many churches in the Monze district of Zambia.

How You Can Help
Pray for the evangelistic work Pastor Moonga and his team are doing in Zambia, especially the mass evangelism that is planned for this year.

Pray for Brother Brian as he begins his new life in Christ and shares Christ’s message with others!

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