Letter from Mike: Ethiopia – March 2024

“Men and women are wanted now who are as true to duty as the needle to the pole, men and women who will work without having their way smoothed and every obstacle removed.” Gospel Workers 1892, 352.

Mission Projects International has 41 Bible workers scouring the cities and villages in southern Ethiopia, seeking the lost! As a result, this region is seeing an explosion in new church plants, with many baptisms. The workers have done a tremendous job finding people interested in studying the Bible!

A Bible worker by the name of Eriso met Abara and Takiso at their own door. They invited Eriso into their home, sat down, and began talking. He found out that this godly couple belonged to the Kale Hiwot church, an Ethiopian denomination founded nearly 100 years ago. Abara and Takiso had been members of this church their entire lives, and Eriso could see that they were devoted to its mission and teachings.

During their conversation, Eriso asked them if they would like to study the Bible together. Eagar to learn more, they set up a time for Eriso to come back and study. When Eriso returned, they began a journey that would transform their lives.

As they studied the fundamentals of Christianity, Abara and Takiso were in complete harmony with the Bible’s teachings. It was during the study on the seventh-day Sabbath that many questions arose. Eriso spent several hours answering their questions with Bible verses, and as he did so, Takiso and Abara became convinced of the true Lord’s Day. As the days went by, however, Abara started second-guessing himself. Knowing that Sabbath-keeping would cost him the respect of his friends at the Kale Hiwot church, he backed away from obedience to all the Ten Commandments. Takiso, on the other hand, continued to study for herself and became more convinced about the fourth commandment. She pleaded with her husband not to rebel against God’s Law, but he avoided any conversation about the Bible.

At last, Takiso knew that she could wait no longer to obey God’s voice. Sitting down with Abara, she told him that she was going to keep the Sabbath and start attending the newly planted Seventh-day Adventist church. The Holy Spirit softened Abara’s heart and he agreed that she and their children should attend.

Now Takiso is so excited about the Sabbath that she is sharing about it with all her friends and neighbors! Hours of prayer and Bible study have strengthened her faith and made her a beacon of hope to her family and friends. Many from her former church have come to her and asked why she converted, and she now has answers from the Bible to convince them of the truth.

Please join Takiso in praying for her husband to recognize and accept God’s true day of worship! Pray for the 41 Bible workers in Southern Ethiopia who are diligently working for the salvation of souls. Please help us share the gospel with the Ethiopians by sending money to provide church buildings for the new believers! Mark your donations “Ethiopia Workers” or “Ethiopia Churches.”

Yours in standing for the truth!