190,000 Shillings

The radio station has no money to pay the electric bill. What will God do?

My heart sank in an ocean of churning thoughts. The radio station had run out of operating funds, and we had not been able to pay the electric bill on time. Now I held a notice stating that if we did not pay the 190,000 Ugandan shillings* due, our power would be disconnected in two days. 

“Heavenly Father,” I prayed, “I am going to have to offload this administrative burden on You. You know how much the listeners need this gospel programming. You have promised to supply all our needs. I give this need to You!”

The following day I received a phone call from a man named Dennis. “May I visit the station?” he asked. “I want to meet you personally.” 

“Of course,” I replied. This was nothing new—I receive many calls from listeners who want Bible studies, prayer or counseling, and I am happy to help.

At noon, the receptionist brought in a tall man dressed in an engineers’ uniform: overalls, a hard hat and rubber boots. “Good afternoon, Pastor John. I am Dennis who called you yesterday.” Then he began to tell me how he had been listening to Messenger FM for one year. “I am always busy,” he said. “I rarely listened to any radio programs until I found one of my coworkers holding a radio set next to his ear. He seemed so absorbed in the program that I wanted to know what he was listening to!”

It turned out that Dennis’s friend was listening to “Expand Your Brain,” a daily Bible quiz or puzzle that listeners can solve to claim a prize. “My friend had won the prize several times,” Dennis said. “I asked him, ‘Why are you holding the radio set so close to your ear?’ He told me, ‘My radio’s battery is dying, and I have no money to buy new batteries. I can’t miss this program.’” 

Intrigued, Dennis began listening to our station. He especially enjoyed “Sundown Worship,” a segment of the program where a team of church members discuss the daily Sabbath School lesson for adults. “This program changed my life forever!” Dennis told me. “I began doing Bible studies with one of your Bible workers who took me through all the doctrines of God’s church. I was richly blessed. I gave my heart to Jesus and was baptized.” Tears flowed down Dennis’s cheeks as he told me about it!

“I used to follow the African religious traditions,” Dennis said. “I am so thankful to your station for introducing me to Jesus that I am pledging to support you with part of my income.” He paused. “I am a water engineer and a professional plumber. I get government contracts, and I travel for work often.” He then pulled from his pocket 190,000* Ugandan shillings and handed it to me as an offering. 

I prayed with Dennis, gratitude overflowing for both his salvation and his support. He had given the exact amount of money we needed to keep the electricity on. As Dennis left to go back to work, I remembered 1 Peter 5:7. I have learned to always depend on God and give Him my anxieties because He truly cares!

Because of your prayers and the generous gifts of people like Dennis, Messenger FM continues to impact lives for Jesus and win souls to Christ. As we keep spreading the Three Angels’ Messages, the Holy Spirit keeps moving people’s hearts unto salvation! Please pray for God’s work in Uganda!

*Roughly US$50, which is about a half-month’s salary for our Ugandan Bible workers.


John Kaganzi is a district pastor in the Ruhandagazi District in Uganda and the manager of Messenger Radio in Mbarara.

How You Can Help
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