The Story of John and Peter

John works for souls untiringly. Peter holds his faith unswervingly. God does the rest!

John, a dedicated Bible worker, had just entered the territory of Lelsotet, an area with no Seventh-day Adventist believers. “Where should I begin, Lord?” John started to pray. “Would You please lead me to individuals and families who desire to know Jesus and the truth?” 

God answered John’s prayers, and soon a small church was born with five believers wholeheartedly embracing the Seventh-day Adventist message. With heavenly joy in his heart, John pressed forward. “I cannot rest until You lead me to every soul that wants to know Jesus as a personal Savior,” he kept praying. Then, with patience and persistence, he traversed from house to house, opening the Bible and sharing Jesus with thirsty souls. 

Over time, the congregation grew steadily. Invitations for Bible studies started pouring in, and to fit them all into his schedule, John had to visit homes late into the evening. Baptisms soon followed, encouraging the entire congregation. From a handful of believers, the church grew to 38 souls, with 13 already baptized and the rest preparing for baptism.

Peter, a staunch Sunday keeper, had been serving as a chaplain at the local Free Methodist school when John visited his house. He and his wife Sharon warmly welcomed the Bible worker into their home for Bible studies. After numerous deep discussions, they decided to accept the truths they had discovered, despite Peter’s position in their church.

As news of Peter’s decision spread, challenges arose. Peter lost his job, and people in the community mocked him for choosing a church that could not employ him and provide him with financial support. Yet, in the face of these adversities, Peter and his family remained steadfast in their commitment to their newfound faith, prioritizing spiritual truths over worldly comforts. Peter claimed the promise in 1 Samuel 2:30, “Them that honour Me I will honour, and they that despise Me shall be lightly esteemed.” 

Today, Peter and his family have become outstanding ambassadors for the Adventist message in their community. Scorn has turned to respect as Peter’s family has held to their new faith with unwavering dedication. Some of the members of Peter’s former church, inspired by his steadfastness, have already joined the Adventist faith, and others are contemplating making the same decision.

Truly, the harvest is ripe, but the laborers are few. The story of John the Bible worker, Peter the chaplain, and the growing congregation in Lelsotet is a powerful reminder that God’s work unfolds in marvelous ways when dedicated workers like John and unwavering converts like Peter share their witness. The power of faith can transform individuals and communities alike. Only eternity will reveal just how many souls have been reached with the gospel of Jesus through the selfless ministry of Bible workers like John and their converts. Thank you for the sacrifices you have made to sponsor their work here in Kenya and around the world. May the story of John and Peter inspire you to join the ranks of those who labor tirelessly to spread God’s love and truth to all corners of the earth!


Daniel Bett pastors the Kingsway Seventh-day Adventist School and oversees six Kenyan Bible workers.

How You Can Help
Pray for Peter and his family to stand firm in their faith and to be a powerful witness to their former church brethren.

Pray for John to reach more souls for Christ! 

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