Letter from Mike: Ecuador – February 2024

“The medical missionary work is to be to the work of the church as the right arm to the body. The third angel goes forth proclaiming the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus. The medical missionary work is the gospel in practice. All lines of work are to be harmoniously blended in giving the invitation: ‘Come; for all things are now ready.’” Testimonies, vol. 8, 77.

Dr. Gaby and her husband Fernando have organized many health seminars to reach out to the masses in the cities and villages of Ecuador. No place is too small or too large for them to tackle. As they receive invitations from the churches, Fernando and Dr. Gaby travel, sometimes for hours, to fulfill outreach requests. Upon arrival, Fernando organizes the local church members and puts them into action. At the public outreach, the church members mingle with the community members and try to get to know them. That way, when the people are invited to church, they will recognize familiar faces.

At a recent health outreach in the town of Los Bancos, many curious people came to have their blood pressure checked, get their teeth examined, and even get a haircut or a chair massage. They came for the free services, but most importantly they encountered Jesus in the person of His saints and heard a little of the Three Angels’ Messages. As prayers were offered up on their behalf, the Holy Spirit spoke to their hearts, and some opened up to deeper dialogue about their spiritual health. Curiosity turned to inquisitiveness, and some of the attendees set up Bible studies.

Brother Carlos travels with Dr. Gaby and Fernando as a Bible worker to help with the follow-up work at the end of the health meetings. Staying behind in an unfamiliar town is challenging, but Carlos willingly sacrifices his time to see more souls saved. In Los Bancos, Carlos visited the homes of the people who had signed for Bible studies. Some had forgotten that they had signed up and dismissed the idea, but many others followed through with the studies. Among these, four families in particular welcomed Brother Carlos with eagerness! Now he is taking them step by step through the Three Angels’ Messages, and he can see that they are accepting God’s last-day message. When the Lord’s Day was presented to them, they had many questions, but finally, they submitted to the Scriptures and began attending church services on Sabbath. Carlos will not leave and move on to another area until these new believers are grounded in the faith.

The entering wedge is doing its work! Many are being impacted by Dr. Gaby and Fernando’s health outreach programs and Brother Carlos’s patient endeavors. If you feel impressed by the Holy Spirit to help the work in Ecuador, please mark your gift “Ecuador Evangelism.” Please pray for Dr. Gaby and Fernando’s work as they seek the lost through health ministry!

Yours in bringing healing to many souls!