Bibles for New Believers

In every country we have visited, nearly everyone yearns for the same precious gift: a Bible. In Africa, we handed out hundreds of Bibles after a baptism. As each new believer received their own Bible, their faces lighted up with holy joy! They acted as if we had placed a treasure chest in their hands, full of gold and precious stones. Around the world, Bibles are the most sought-after gift!

This quarter’s mission offering will help to provide Bibles to those who are new to the faith and need the Word of God to strengthen their walk with the Lord. All around the world, hundreds of committed souls are giving their lives to Jesus in baptism. Please help us provide each one with a Bible!

How You Can Help
The Need
Bibles for new believers around the world.

The Cost
Average cost per Bible is $10.

To Give
Mark your donation “Bibles” and send to:

Mission Projects International
PO Box 151
Inchelium, WA 99138

To give securely online: