In Search of Miracle Workers

God sends Bible workers to intervene on behalf of a demon-possessed girl.

Only a few months after our baby girl was born, the episodes began. Doctors assured us that she was perfectly healthy, but her convulsions continued. After we consulted several hospitals and received no plausible answers, we learned that demon possession can cause convulsions. Neither my wife nor I had any experience with demon possession, so we took the child to our church leader for prayer. Nothing improved. Instead, the situation worsened. The demons attacked her more often than before, sometimes up to three times a day. We knew that her life was in danger now, and that the convulsions were not going to stop without divine intervention!

Friends advised us to visit other religious leaders known for miraculously casting out demons. I hesitated because they were Pentecostal and I was a Roman Catholic. But since my church had failed, I felt compelled to go for the sake of my daughter’s life. 

For a year and a half, we appealed to multiple “miracle workers,” but none of them succeeded in rescuing our daughter. The attacks which usually lasted five minutes often lasted for hours. Afterwards, our girl felt too weak to sit, to stand, or to walk. We were desperate.

One evening, our daughter had a terrible attack. She had tremors for two hours. Foam came out of her mouth and her hands repeatedly hit the mattress where she lay. My wife and I stared at her with anguish and hopelessness. I whispered in my heart, “God, why have you chosen to let my daughter die in such a painful way?” 

Suddenly, we heard a knock at the door. When we opened it, we saw two men holding Bibles in their hands. “Could these be God-sent rescuers?” I asked myself. The sounds coming from my daughter in the other room were so loud that in their shock, our guests failed to greet us.

One of the men threw his Bible down on my table and hurriedly picked her up from where she lay. He held her tightly in his arms, and then he looked up and prayed: “Manifest your love, oh God. Have mercy on her.” As soon as he finished the prayer, the girl calmed down. She had the strength to sit up in a chair and she requested a drink. I could not believe that such a short prayer could heal her! But for the first time in two years, she had a good sleep. The demons were gone. 

The two men introduced themselves as Seventh-day Adventists who had come to invite us to an evangelistic series. We were definitely interested. 

The day came for the first meeting. To my surprise, the very man who asked God to heal my daughter was the one preaching! I was excited! I wanted to hear every word he had to say! I also decided to travel all over the village, telling people what this man had done for my daughter and to invite them to come and listen to his preaching. As a result, the meetings grew from an attendance of 100 to over 250!

Pastor Edward Biddawo taught us how to study the Bible, and revealed Jesus Christ, the merciful, miracle-working Savior, to us. At the end of the event, My wife and I joined the other 98 people being baptized. We now worship every Sabbath with our restored daughter.  


Told by Joseph Asiimwe to John Kaganzi, who is a district pastor in the Ruhandagazi District in Uganda and the manager of Messenger Radio in Mbarara.

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