I Thought He Was Insane

A woman decides to investigate her husband’s sudden change of mind.

I was shocked. I returned from my early morning Anglican worship service and found my husband in the garden—digging—instead of preparing for his Pentecostal church service at 11:00am! Although my husband and I were of different denominations and attended church at different times, at least each of us attended on Sunday. Why was he skipping church today? I could not believe it; I thought he had become insane. “How come you are digging on Sunday instead of going to church?” I yelled at the top of my voice. “Are you mentally sober?” He continued to dig as if he didn’t hear me. My anger boiled. 

When he returned home from gardening, I served him lunch. It is against our cultural norms and values to interrogate someone while they are eating, but the suspense was too much for me. “How come you went to the garden instead of church?” I asked more humbly. “You will soon know, and you will soon join me,” he said. 

Three hours later, we heard a knock on our door. With a charming smile, my husband welcomed a gentleman holding a black handbag. I thought that they were business partners and swiftly went to the bedroom, leaving the two in the living room. 

Then my cell phone vibrated. I read a text message from my husband, asking me to return to the living room. When I did, he introduced me to Mr. Ignatius Mabaga—a Bible instructor. Then I learned that they had been studying the Bible together for three months. “It is because of the Bible study that I went to dig instead of going to the church service today,” my husband explained. “I kindly request you to allow him to take us through the same Bible studies.”

I felt curious. What kind of heresy did he teach that would make my husband insane? To which religious cult did this stranger belong? I wanted to know, so every evening Ignatius ended his day in our home. 

He brought new understanding to me, through the light of God’s word! The bias I had toward Ignatius melted away like snow, and I began to ask him all sorts of spiritual and biblical questions—which he satisfactorily answered using Scripture. I felt happy and shocked to know the truth about the Sabbath. It was stunning to find out that Sunday was the first day of the week, and as a Christian I had believed the Sabbath was one of the working days. 

In the long run, my husband and I decided to recommit our lives to Jesus! Our previous Christian journey was a journey of commitment that lacked understanding. Now that we understand Jesus better, we are committed to love Him more and to serve Him faithfully. Since our baptism, we have joined Ignatius in house-to-house evangelism and community service.  


Told by Annet Mwebaze to John Kaganzi, who is a district pastor in the Ruhandagazi District in Uganda and the manager of Messenger Radio in Mbarara.

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