Fully Satisfied

After years in church, Lilian finally meets Jesus.

Lilian grew up attending church, and she kept it up into her mid-twenties. “In all those years, I never met Jesus,” she recalls. “Going to church was just a formality. Respectable people attend church services, so I wanted to be a church member somewhere.”

In 2010, Lilian married Sammy Misik, who at the time was a member of a church group that had split from the Seventh-day Church of God. Sammy’s faction had decided to keep Sunday. Lilian didn’t join his church, but kept attending her own church for a few years after marriage. Then she quit. “I went five years without attending any worship service,” she says, “but I kept praying that God would reveal the truth to me.”

God answered Lilian’s prayers by sending Adventist Bible workers to her door. When they studied the Sabbath truth with her, she could clearly see God’s love in it. In fact, it helped her see Jesus as never before! Why hadn’t she seen this plain teaching in God’s Word until now? “I will worship the Creator on His sanctified day,” she vowed. 

When Lilian told her husband about her decision, he received it with joy. By this time, he had stopped attending Sunday worship services, himself. “I have been praying that you would accept the Sabbath truth so that we could be united in worship,” he told her.

A year went by, and although Lilian had decided to keep the Sabbath, she still had not visited the Adventist church. Another team of Sabbath-keeping preachers started visiting her. She listened to their Bible studies, but she could see serious errors in their teachings. They spoke often of spirits other than the Holy Spirit. Each time she bid them goodbye, she would go and compare their messages with the Bible teachings of the Adventists. “Lord, help me to know the truth only,” she prayed. 

All during that year, as Lilian delayed to attend Sabbath services, the Adventist Bible workers kept making frequent visits. They would conduct a Bible study, offer prayer and leave. “One day, one of them came by and without a Bible study as usual, he just gave me an invitation to come see them at church,” Lilian recalls. “That was the first time I set my foot in the Adventist church—and the rest is history.”

In church, Lilian participated in Bible studies even deeper than she had done at home, and at last she was fully satisfied that this was the truth. A year later, she committed her life to the Lord in baptism alongside seven others. Today, Lilian is an active member of the Tuyobei church plant. “My prayer is that my husband and three children will come to the knowledge of the truth as I have!” Lilian says. “One of these days, God will talk to Sammy as He talked to me,” she smiles. Already the Bible workers have begun reaching out to him, and we can be sure the Holy Spirit is working on his heart!

The work is expanding so rapidly in this region of Kenya that we need more Bible workers to assist in spreading the gospel message. Already your gifts support six trained and experienced workers, but we could use six more! Please pray that God will provide the means for us to reach more people for Christ.  


Pastor Daniel Bett oversees six Kenyan Bible workers and pastors the Kingsway Seventh-day Adventist School.

How You Can Help
Pray for Lilian to stand firm in her newfound faith in Christ and to be a powerful witness to her husband and children.

Pray for God to send more workers to the harvest.

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