Angelie’s Prayer

A young girl’s prayer stirs the missionaries’ hearts.

Very few roads blaze into the interior of Guyana. Most of the country is accessible only by small plane or by boat—but mostly by boat. Massive rivers flow northward out of the Amazon Basin and the Acarai Mountains, and these are Guyana’s only highways. 

Tens of thousands of people live along Guyana’s rivers, and most have not been reached with the Three Angels’ Messages. Mission Projects International has teamed up with us at Living for Jesus Ministries to bring the everlasting gospel to the many families along the waterways. Right now we are working out of a remote missionary station in the Pomaroon region. Traveling door to door by boat, we invite people to attend religious meetings and we start Bible studies with anyone interested. Although we ourselves are new missionaries just starting out, we have already seen many dear souls surrender their lives to Christ, and many have expressed their desire to be baptized. 

Along the Pomeroon River are ten Adventist churches. We decided to visit them all, praying that God would show us which one needed our help the most. Three of the churches seemed very weak, but the Aripiaco Church really stirred our hearts. On the Sabbath we visited, only three people came to church: two elderly people and a young girl named Angelie. Angelie’s prayer in church that day moved us to tears. She was begging God to send Pastor Blair to bring revival and reclaim those who had retreated from the battle of good and evil. We knew then where God wanted us!

When we came back to Aripiaco with a boat full of our belongings, the people were surprised and happy—especially Angelie. She ran to us, hugged us and whispered, “I’m so glad you came back.” Once again, her words melted our hearts. Later on, when the church was fuller, she shared the testimony of her answered prayer.

Angelie has become like a sister to us. Her dad died years ago, and when her mom found a new partner, Angelie had to move out. She lives with her sister, but whenever she feels lonely, she visits us. One day she asked us how it feels to have a dad. Though sad for her, we assured her that God would fill the emptiness of her heart. Then we invited her to join us in our river ministry. We call her “our little missionary.” 

Angelie is just one of the young people we are training to be a leader in the church someday. The Adventist Youth program in the Aripiaco Church is back on track, and the young people themselves are running it. It feels so good to see them leading the song service and prayer time. We can’t wait to see more of the amazing work God will do. Doors of ministry keep opening, and we believe that soon we will see the fruit of our labor!

During the three months we have been working in Aripiaco, the church building has been our temporary home. From our church headquarters, we go out visiting and doing Bible studies every day. We gather the people by boat three times a week for group Bible study, and then gather them again on Sabbath for church. God is blessing: The church is now full! Many who had backslid are now faithfully coming to worship every Sabbath, and many new visitors are also attending. Please pray for us as we continue to work for God to reclaim His lost sheep!  


Michael and Maria Cayupan are Bible workers in the Pomaroon region of Guyana, South America.

How You Can Help
Pray for Michael and Maria as they minister to the people in Aripiaco and the other villages in the Pomaroon region. 

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