Open My Eyes

God answers the unspoken prayer of a man who desperately needs vision.

While my brother and I were twins, we were nothing alike. My brother’s personality was obliging, while I always questioned authority. He excelled in school, while I floundered—for I simply couldn’t read more than a few words at a time. Attempts to improve my perceived learning disability left me with a bad attitude and an appointment with a psychiatrist at age 12. Unable to win the respect of my family and peers through academics, I found another path to their approval—through achieving financial success. I painted barns and houses by day and played music by night. When I was sixteen, I purchased my own car.

I managed to graduate from high school but felt my family’s continued skepticism. “He will never make it because he resists authority and dislikes instructions,” they agreed. However, I became very successful, married, and built wealth. “I have arrived!” I thought. But I was never home with my young family. I became a functioning alcoholic. My family had everything money could buy—except for me. After a while, I no longer had them. Faced with a divorce and a huge void in my life, I tried to fill it with more alcohol and partying. Eventually, I lost everything. But God had plans to bring me spiritual insight. 

My vision worsened. I sought medical help and surprisingly learned that my “learning disability” was a vision problem! Now, with my vision corrected after all these years, I could finally enjoy reading. I read everything I could find—except for the Bible. One day, my twin (a sincere Christian by now) brought the familiar black book to my doorstep as a gift, and I refused to take it.

Then I found myself channel surfing one night. “I’m not watching him,” I thought when an evangelist appeared on the screen. “I’m not watching this guy,” I repeated, but I felt the Holy Spirit’s conviction. “Alright, I’ll watch him for ten minutes.”

Six hours later, the walls around my heart broke down. I got on my knees and buried my face in the carpet; I confessed being an unworthy sinner and accepted Jesus Christ as my personal Savior. I turned away from alcohol and said no to the wild parties. It wasn’t long before I attended a Sunday-keeping church and bought Bibles by the dozen to share with others. An advertisement to a prophecy seminar at the Seventh-day Adventist Church caught my interest, so I attended. The seminar speaker, Mike Bauler from Mission Projects International Ministry, presented a study on the Second Coming, which challenged my belief in a secret rapture. He preached about the Sabbath, and my arguments for Sunday keeping unraveled. I began to worship on Saturday and to attend a Bible study group led by Mike Bauler. During these studies—and in my own personal study—deeper conviction began to solidify in my heart. I had never officially belonged to any church (and never desired to). Now, for the first time in my life, I felt accepted and received with open arms. I shared what I was learning with my Sunday church friends, and this led to four people being baptized besides myself! I thank God for the physical and spiritual eyesight that I’ve gained. After all these years, I can truly see.


Brad Rininger is an active lay member of the Everett Seventh-day Adventist Church in Pennsylvania.

How You Can Help
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