Radio Among the Treetops

An evangelist airs a radio broadcast from a tree in his yard.

Messenger FM radio has extended its broadcast to the internet for online listeners. This was good news to Amos Kamuntu, a lay evangelist from Nakivale (a refugee settlement in Uganda). “God answered my prayers when He enabled Messenger FM radio [to] broadcast online,” Amos says. He lives too far from the radio station to pick up its signal, but he can use the internet to listen.

Amos long possessed a burning desire to spread the gospel in his area, but he wondered how to begin. As he thought about it, an idea came to his mind. 

He began earning money little by little from selling fresh produce. In six months, he was able to save approximately $120.00. With this money, he bought a simple public address system with two speakers. 

Amos mounted the horn speakers on a tall tree that extended above the roof of his house. Using a mini solar system to generate power, Amos began taping messages from Messenger FM radio and playing them through his speaker system for people in the community to hear! He followed the radio’s Bible study schedule and made sure that his community listened to the Three Angels’ Messages every day. 

Amos expected people to quickly respond to these beautiful messages, but this did not happen.  After 90 days of broadcasting in the neighborhood, no one openly expressed interest. Amos was upset! 

He decided to pray more about his evangelistic project. On his knees one evening, he cried out to God and asked Him to touch people’s hearts with the truth of His word. Amos finished his prayer and heard a knock on the door. When he opened it, he saw two strangers and listened to their story. They had come to ask him about the messages that they heard from the speaker above his house!

Fred and Annette had completed a series of Bible studies, but they still had questions. With no access to a knowledgeable pastor, they decided to approach Amos. Since such truth-filled messages were coming from his speakers, they felt confident that he had Bible answers.

This marked the beginning of Amos’s first in-person Bible study class. Fred and Annette circulated the good news all over, and the Bible study group grew bigger every day. After a short while, 29 souls decided to be baptized. Thanks to Messenger FM radio, a dedicated evangelist, and a few seekers of truth, the good news of the gospel is reaching the community.  

With support from Mission Projects International, Messenger FM has extended its broadcast to online listeners. It can now be accessed everywhere through


Amos Kamuntu as told to John Kaganzi, a district pastor in the Ruhandagazi District in Uganda.

How You Can Help
Pray for Amos and his personal ministry to reach the masses through his tree top speaker.  

Pray for Pastor John and his team as they continue to preach the Three Angels’ Messages on Messenger FM radio. 

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